Can Another Person Drive My Rental Car?

Do you find yourself asking: Can another person drive my rented car? The answer is clearly no. Unless you add a named driver to your policy, you are the only person legally allowed to drive that car.

The contract has been signed by you and the hiring company, not someone else. This means that it is against the law for someone else to drive. They cannot drive the car without insurance.

In the event that you get into a mishap and they are not a named driver on the strategy, any recruit protection is totally invalid. All of the damages will be held against you. Depending on their insurance coverage, you will be responsible for both the rental car and any damage to the other driver’s car.

It is against the law to let someone else drive your rental car. In addition, your dependable hiring firm will probably include you on their “no hire” list as well. It just doesn’t make sense.

Including named drivers

Car rental companies now let customers add a named driver to car hire. This is good news for you. Each driver’s insurance will cover them completely once they are added to the hire contract. They are authorized to operate the car.

If you plan to drive a lot and want to split the driving time, this is a great option. Furthermore, it is really simple to carry. Simply inform your rental company at the time of booking that you wish to include multiple drivers on the contract. You will be fine as long as they have their identification and driving license.

Additionally, this can be a very useful method for renting a car for someone else. It is common for a friend or family member to request that someone else drive their car. While you’d be the fundamental driver as you made the booking, adding them as extra drivers will permit them to utilize the car lawfully.

The costs

There is a fee to add a named driver to the hire car policy, just like with anything else. Typically included in the daily fee, this cost covers their insurance in the event of an accident on the road. Because it is so small, ours ensures the safety of both you and your additional driver throughout the rental period.

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