Can a Pediatric Dentist Fix a Broken Baby Tooth?

It is best that you have your baby assessed by a pediatric dentist if you suspect or have confirmed that their teeth have broken or they’ve suffered a dental trauma. This is important as a broken baby tooth can expose nerves and cause pain or infection among other complications if it is left unchecked.

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Can a Pediatric Dentist Fix a Broken Baby Tooth?

Pediatric dentists specialize in children’s dental care so, they understand their unique needs. If you already understand this, you may also ask; so can a pediatric dentist fix a broken baby tooth? The answer is;

Yes, a pediatric dentist can fix a broken baby tooth. Thanks to their expertise, a skilled pediatric dentist can develop the most age-appropriate solution to ensure your baby’s oral health and comfort.

On your visit, you can expect them to carefully assess the damage and recommend the most appropriate treatment. Here are some of the treatments that your pediatric dentist can recommend for a broken baby tooth;

·       Bonding

Bonding involves applying a tooth-colored composite resin to the broken area to restore its shape and function. For this treatment, your pediatric dentist will first clean the tooth and apply an adhesive.

They will then carefully mold and shape the resin to match the tooth’s natural contours. A special light is then used to harden the material.

Bonding works well for small fractures or chips that don’t affect the tooth’s structure significantly. If the break is minor and doesn’t involve the nerve or extend into the tooth’s deeper layers, bonding is a viable option.

The best part is that it is a painless procedure that usually requires a single visit. This means that you can also expect to go back home on the same day of treatment.

·       Filling

Filling may be recommended for more extensive damage where the tooth structure is compromised. If the break reaches the tooth’s nerve or pulp, a filling might be necessary to prevent infection or pain.

Here, the dentist would remove the damaged part of the tooth and then fill it up with a suitable material. Most used materials include composite resin, amalgam, or glass ionomer. The procedure involves numbing the area, to manage the pain that may come with the treatment.

After numbing, the pediatric dentist would then remove decayed or damaged portions, and then fill the space. Fillings cannot only help restore your baby’s tooth’s function but also prevent further decay.

·       Crown

When a significant portion of the tooth is damaged or a filling isn’t sufficient, a dental crown may be recommended. They’re usually preferred for cases where the break is extensive, involving a large portion of the tooth or if there’s a risk of further damage.

Crowns may also be recommended for fractured baby molars that need substantial reinforcement In case you’re wondering what crowns are, these are caps placed over the entire tooth to help restore its shape, strength, and appearance.

Pediatric dentists often use stainless steel or tooth-colored crowns for baby teeth. The treatment involves the dentist reshaping the tooth, taking an impression, and placing a custom-made crown.

·       Pulpotomy

Sometimes, if the break is deep and reaches the nerve of the tooth, a partial pulp removal might be necessary to save the tooth. Essentially, it is best for cases of damage extending into the inner layers of the tooth, causing pain or exposing the nerve.

This treatment can be performed to prevent infection or abscesses and preserve the baby’s tooth until it naturally falls out. This procedure involves removing the infected or damaged portion of the pulp, disinfecting the area, and placing a protective medicated material to preserve the remaining healthy pulp.

·       Extraction

In cases where the damage is extensive and the tooth can’t be saved, extraction might be the only option. It may also, be preferred if there’s a risk of infection or damage to surrounding teeth.

And just as it sounds, this procedure involves the pediatric dentist carefully removing the damaged tooth to prevent further complications. After extraction, the dentist will discuss options for maintaining the space for proper tooth alignment.

What if My Baby’s Tooth is Broken at the Gum Line?

Your baby’s tooth breaking at the gum line can be scary but you do not need to panic. The best immediate action to take on your end may involve gently rinsing the mouth with water to clean the area.

Also, you can apply a cold compress on the cheek can alleviate swelling. After that, please contact the pediatric dentist promptly is for a thorough evaluation.

Now, if your baby’s tooth breaks at the gum line, a pediatric dentist might recommend extracting the tooth. This is crucial to prevent potential infection or damage to neighboring teeth. A space maintainer may be necessary after teeth extraction to ensure proper spacing for adult teeth to grow.

If you’re like many parents, teeth extraction may sound quite extreme for the baby. But, you do not have to panic in the hands of an experienced pediatric dentist.

In a scenario where an extraction is necessary, the focus at the pediatric dental clinic will be on providing a comfortable experience. Depending on the situation, the dentist may use nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, or IV sedation to help with the anxiety that may surround teeth extraction. A good pediatric dentist will also advise you on post-extraction care and potential space maintenance for optimal dental development.

It’s a Wrap!

A pediatric dentist can fix a broken baby tooth. Their specialization also makes them the right specialists to see for broken baby teeth.

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