Buttock Augmentation: Pros & Cons of Silicone Implants and Fat Transfer

What is buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation or gluteal augmentation is a procedure in cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the buttocks and enhance their volume and contour. This aesthetic procedure has gained huge popularity in the past few years.

Buttock augmentation can be done by using silicone implants or by transferring the fat tissue from another body part to the buttocks area, and sometimes by utilizing both techniques.

Silicone Implants vs. Fat Transfers: Pros and Cons

Your surgeon can augment the shape and contour of your buttocks by wither using silicone implants or fat transfers.

Fat implants are also known as gluteal implants. In this type of buttock augmentation, silicone implants are inserted just below the fascial layer of your buttocks. This type of insertion saves the muscles from being dissected and reduces surgical complications like the risk to injure a nerve. Silicone implants can also be inserted by dissecting your gluteal (butt) muscles and placing the implant intramuscularly. This type of implant insertion gives a more natural and prominent contour to the buttocks but is more extensive and recovery takes longer too. Silicone implants come in different sizes that you can choose from according to your needs and desires.

Fat transfer, gluteal fat transfer, and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) all are names of the second type of buttock augmentation procedure. In this type of augmentation, fat is removed from other areas of the body where it is in abundance and is injected into your buttocks making them more proportionate with your body. Mostly fat is removed from your abdomen, side of your thighs, and back. After this removed fat is purified it is injected into your buttocks just below the skin.

It is of prime importance that you discuss your options with your plastic surgeon before making a decision. The surgeon will help you choose the best option according to your medical history and body type. You can also make an appointment with the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai right now. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is an alumnus of KEM Hospital, Mumbai, and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Can I Get a Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation surgery is considered a permanent solution for small butt sizes and is considered safe with a high success rate. There is a number of reasons that you can undergo this procedure.

  • Your buttocks are too small as compared to your overall physique
  • Your buttocks lack contour and seem flat and squared
  • You recently lost weight and your butt areas now seem saggy and loose
  • Your body image is affecting your confidence and lowering your self-esteem and you want to get a more appealing and proportionate body
  • Your buttocks lost contour due to age-related changes

Your medical history also plays a part in deciding if this procedure is suitable for you. You will need to provide a detailed history and your goals to your surgeon. You can find the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai here and start discussing your case.

How Long Does the Recovery Take?

It takes about 3 months for your buttocks shape to settle after surgery. You will feel pain and soreness in your surgical area and need to take prescribed pain killers. You will leave the clinic with small drains in your buttocks to drain excess fluid and blood. It is advised to take stool softeners for a couple of weeks after surgery.

Avoid sitting on your butt or doing strenuous activities until your surgeon advises you to. You can return to work within 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the type of work you do.


Buttocks augmentation is considered one of the most popular and successful surgeries in the field of cosmetic surgery. It is safe and shows good results.

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