Breast Reduction Surgery In Mumbai is Extremely Safe and Affordable

Women who are very self-conscious regarding their large size of breasts, experience discomfort, irritation, or pain and want to have a smaller breast size for a youthful look. Your surgeon will decide if this surgery is right for your depending on your physical well-being, medical condition, and other factors based on your condition. Your doctor will have a detailed discussion with you about your goals and concerns about the surgery.

How does this surgery work?

In this surgery, the doctor removes excess tissues, skin, glandular tissues, or fat, either by making incisions and then closing them up with sutures or using liposuction with tiny needles to remove extra fat. The surgeon can combine liposuction and excision to get the best results. This surgery is done under the effect of general anesthesia or sometimes with intravenous sedation.

This surgery takes around two to four hours to complete based on the case complexity.

The recovery period is around 2 to 3 weeks and you’ll need to follow certain protocols such as wearing a surgical bra or bandage.

There is mild pain, bruising, and inflammation reported after the surgery and it will subside within 2 weeks. Your surgeon will prescribe certain painkillers to help with discomfort and manage the pain.

Another plus point of this surgery is that patient will benefit from breast uplift as well as a size reduction. The surgeon will move the nipples and areola upwards to adjust the shape of the breasts.


This surgery can cause permanent scarring that will fade out slowly as time passes. Patients also experience a loss in sensation in the breasts specifically the nipple area. This loss of sensation will recover as the skin heals.

The patient must keep the incision area dry and very clean. Dr will put bandages on the incisions if you have external stitches and put skin adhesive in case of internal sutures. Your surgeon will share all the instructions with you after the surgery.


The results of the breast reduction surgery are very long-lasting unless the patient loses considerable weight. Aging is another important factor that can interfere with the results of the procedure making the breasts saggy and disproportionate. You will need to go for follow-up visits to your surgeon so he can evaluate your situation.

What is the cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai?

The cost of breast reduction surgery in Mumbai varies from Rs 150000 to Rs 250000. It is a cosmetic surgery to relieve the discomfort caused as a result of very large breasts. It is done by removing extra glandular tissues, skin, and fat cells from breasts reducing the size of breasts and making them more proportionate and lighter in weight.

Breast reduction surgery cost in India

The breast reduction surgery cost in India depends on a lot of factors and varies from surgeon to surgeon based on his experience, and the complexity of the procedure. It covers all the procedure costs, tests, medicines, dressings, and doctors’ fees.

You can visit Dr. Siddharth Prakash. He is a very well-known Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is a KEM Hospital, Mumbai, and Harvard Medical School, Boston alumni.

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