Boat Lettering – The Perfect Font You Could Have Asked For

You might not realize it but selecting the right font for your boat is a pretty daunting task. You have to make it pretty unique, and like most people, you want that font to reflect the special personality you possess. Once you have decided on a name for your vessel, the next thing to watch out for is how you are going to display that font on your boat. Some things like size, color, and font will come to your mind. 

While dealing with boat lettering, the first thing to consider is the font of it. The font selection will determine the style in which the boat will be named. This term is more or less interchangeable with the typeface. There are thousands of font options to choose from, and each one has a different style to it. So, whenever you are planning to decide on a font style for your boat, it is always important to understand the lettering and fonts first.

The common types you will see:

Even though the market houses so many font styles, there are particularly few options, which are highly praised and widely used by vessel owners. It is because of their visually appealing feel and will make the name even more attractive. Even a simple boat name can look a bit luxurious if you have the right font fixed for it.

  • Serif is one of the most common typefaces you will see on a boat. These fonts are known for their features, right towards the end of the strokes.
  • Another interesting font option to consider is the Sans-Serif. These typefaces won’t have any added features at the end of their strokes. This step will differentiate them from the option mentioned above.
  • Block or slab is yet another interesting option that you can try to work on. These typefaces will remain similar to that of the serif one, but the features at the strokes’ ends will have a block-like style to them.
  • Another option that you might want to give a try will be handwritten or script one. If you are looking for a font style, which has been here forever, then this one will be at the top of that list. It will mostly resemble the handwritten symbols and letters.

Even though there are four fonts discussed over here, but searching the internet will let you come across many more. You are not bound to follow the standard options and can aim for any unconventional one if you like. But before the printing starts, make sure to get a preview of how the letters will look on your vessels. It is only if you are satisfied with the results, you can move it forward.

There is no turning back:

Remember that once the printing process starts for boat lettering, there is no turning back. So, right from the font style to the color, you have to pre-fix and preview each small detail beforehand. You can ask experts to guide you through the services as well. 

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