Bicycle Light: Government Policies And Benefits

The need for lights on your bicycle is thought to be of minor importance. And as long as the government doesn’t bring strict rules for installing bicycle lights, nobody will bother about it. It is easy to say that one doesn’t need these lights as there are plenty of street lights, and the other vehicles also have headlights. Some even think that it is a waste of money and time to fit the light on the bicycle.

What if there are rules for installing these lights on every bicycle and you didn’t like it? What if you think that the lights are not even necessary in the daytime, and there’ll be enough street lights too.

In reality, these lights are even necessary during the daytime as well. This article will list the laws passed by different governments for having a safe riding experience. And, it will show the benefits of having these lights.

What are the rules of using bicycle lights?

Law in Washington: When in use during the night (darkness), every cycle has a lamp on the front effusing a white light visible from a distance at least 500 feet to the show.

Law in the UK: At night, a person riding a bicycle must have white front lights and red rear lights attached to it (bike). Flashing lights are allowed, but those riding in places without street lights must use only a steady front lamp.

Law in Australia: One must use white front lights and red rear lights while riding a bicycle at night so other drivers can see them. Australian road rules say the light must be visible from at least two hundred meters away.

What are the benefits of these lights?

People install these lights not to get fined by the traffic police or to have better visibility in the darkness. Many riders are unaware of the dangers of not having proper bicycle lights while riding. There are many benefits of installing these lights on your bike—more than a benefit; it is a life-saving item you must have on your bicycle.

The benefits of having these lights are:

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Safety: These lights are a lifesaver (literally). Most bicycle accidents happen because of the poor visibility of the motorcycle or car driver in the dark or on a foggy day in winter. Having these lights help people see you clearly while on the road. This makes lights necessary for daytime too.

Reflection: The other beneficial feature of lights is that they make items on the road visible when they reflect light from your bicycle. These items include road lines, traffic signs, and even animal eyes. Seeing these reflections will help you make apt decisions in the nick of time.

Visibility: This is the most important and everyday use of lights. This feature helps the professional riders more because to go faster in the evening, one must see the road ahead clearly and have visibility to an extended range. A bicycle rider going at a speed of 25 miles per hour needs 79 feet (distance) to stop ahead of the hindrance or obstacle.

These are the reasons why one must install lights on their bicycle. It is not just for your safety; it is for everyone’s safety on the road. Be a responsible rider and follow the rules in your state/country.

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