Best Sports Trophies Of All Time

Sports is one of the most popular forms of entertainment to have ever existed. You would be shocked to know the number of people who spend most of their time either watching sports. Perhaps it is our immense love for sports that made it possible for us to bet on sports from India with Lottoland. Our craze for sports betting is justified, after all.

If you feel like you have a soul connection with sports, it is natural for you to desire more knowledge regarding it. We are completely in favor of increasing your general knowledge. This is why we have come up with a list of the best sports trophies of all time. We hope you enjoy it as you go through every single one of them.

The Stanley Cup

The size of this trophy gives it away that it is one of the most sought after trophies in the world of sports.  There is a rich tradition behind it as well.

Olympic Gold Medal

It is one of the most precious sports trophies to have ever sat, if not walked the face of the Earth. Do we need to say more?

Green Jacket

In the world of Golf, wearing the Green Jacket is the biggest honor. It is not a Garrleigh Trophy Centre but it is what you get when you win the 18th green of Augusta National.

Harley J. Earl Trophy

The Firebird on the top of this glamorous trophy is captivating, indeed. That explains the number of racing enthusiasts that are after it.

WWE Championship Belt

Wrestling might seem to be fake to an impressive lot of us but there is nothing fake about the shine of the WWE Championship Belt.

Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Singles Trophies

We realize that this list is majorly about trophies that are claimed by men, we have to mention the women’s singles trophy from Wimbledon. It is stunning to put it precisely.

The Commissioner’s Trophy

The winners of the MLB World Series get the Commissioner’s Trophy. The design of the trophy is one of a kind.

Wanamaker Trophy

It is a very decent looking trophy provided that it is not the best trophy in the sports of Golf. Whoever wins the annual PGA Championship, gets the Wanamaker’s Trophy and flaunts it because they have nothing to be ashamed about.

Gold Glove & Silver Slugger

The defensive and offensive players of the MLB get a silver bat and a golden glove every year. We need to tell you that real gold and silver are used in the reward that they call a “trophy”. It is in no way, shape, or form a real trophy but it is valuable in so many ways.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

People have hyped up the FIFA World Cup like anything. The matches are breathtaking, without a pinch of doubt. The trophy never fails to disappoint, though. It is not shiny or special looking at all. It is particularly and doesn’t look like a cup at all.

Claret Jug

There is nothing fancy about the Claret Jug. It has been the same since 1873. You can call it an antique as well. However, it is everything to the people that compete for it in the PGA British Open.

Triple Crown Trophy

To put it simply, this trophy was never updated. It looks the same as it did in 2012. It is boring, we know. Still, Miguel Cabrera won it. That alone brings up the worth of this trophy.


This trophy is a little bit of a shocker when it comes to the teams that compete for it. It is a big and beautiful trophy. A lot is going on in the league as well. However, the league is overrated.

U.S. Open Championship Trophy

Even though it doesn’t have a big name, a lot of people are after it. The panel that named this trophy was undoubtedly lazy, though.

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy & Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award

The award doesn’t live up to its name at all. It made it to the list simply because of the name – Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy & Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award.

Tour De France Yellow Jersey

The yellow jersey is such a good look on just about anyone. A lot of people recognize Tour De France from the shade of yellow that the jersey is of.

NCAA Championship Trophy

To say that the NCAA basketball tournament deserved a better trophy would be an understatement. For what it’s worth, it is good, though.

We can tell that you had a fun time as you educated yourself about the best sports trophies of all time. We have mentioned them in no particular order, though. To be honest, every reward that has been won through hard work and dedication is valuable. That’s how we pay our respect to the passionate sportspersons.

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