Best Bedroom Flooring Options in 2021

As we know that bedroom is a very much personal space and have much significance in terms of rest and retreat, choosing the right bedroom floorings is very important. Hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpeting, and cork flooring are some of the popular flooring options. As per the leading Dallas flooring companies, though durability is not an issue for bedroom floorings being a low traffic area, it should obviously be comfortable to bare feet. People generally prefer attractive floorings that are complementing to bedroom décor style. It is wise to spend some time thinking about the flooring and design style preferences. For example, polished concrete floors residential will truly bring out the beauty of your floors. Polished floors can easily be revamped according to your taste.

The best flooring options for a bedroom should include comfort and designs meeting your bedroom’s interior décor style. There are quite a number of options that meet these criteria of flooring. Following are some of the most popular flooring options for bedroom:

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Carpet Flooring

An endless range of colors and patterns make this budget-friendly flooring option the most popular among others. Carpeting is easy to walk upon as it is soft to feet. Cut pile and loop pile are two main carpet flooring types. In the case of cut pile carpeting, tips of fiber loop are cut while are left uncut in case of loop pile carpeting type. Within these two main carpet flooring categories, there are several subcategories including textured, frieze, and Saxony are types of cut pile carpeting and level loop and Berber are subtypes of loop pile carpeting.

Out of all of the above-said carpeting styles, textured carpeting is the most famous type of carpeting especially for a bedroom as it is soft and resists dirt very well.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an unmatched option as it adds grace and the natural appeal of real wood to your bedroom. There are several types of hardwood used for flooring but walnut, oak, maple, and ash are some good choices for bedroom flooring.

Wood flooring can further be divided into two types of floorings including solid wood and engineered wood floorings.  While a solid wood piece is used from top to bottom of solid wood flooring, three to nine layers of various wood veneers are used to make engineered wood flooring.

Hardwood flooring can also be divided in terms of style that includes plank, stripe, and parquet styles. Plank and Stripe styles are popular choices for bedroom flooring.  Where plank is wider than a stripe, both flooring styles use linear pieces of wood and are traditional in appearance.

Laminate Flooring

Popularly known as Pergo flooring, laminate is the right name for the flooring as Pergo is a brand name for the same. Laminate flooring is a printed photo of wood or stone covered with protective plastic coatings. This type of flooring may suit any bedroom’s interior style due to its vast range of wood-toned colors and styles. Cost-effectiveness is one of the most attractive features of Laminate flooring which can even be further reduced by laying the flooring yourself. Laminate flooring is an easy DIY project.

Though Laminate flooring is known for its wear and tear resistibility, it is prone to water-related damages. It is advised to keep this flooring from water or liquid spills.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo being a type of grass is an eco-friendly choice of floor. Bamboo flooring is available in stripe and plank style and has many color and grain options. This type of flooring is stronger than hardwood and laminate flooring types.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is another popular flooring option for bedrooms. This flooring type is available in both virgin and recycled rubber material. Rubber flooring is one of the most durable flooring types that make it the best choice for children’s bedrooms. It comes in many colors, styles, and patterns. It can be a good choice for kids’ playroom too as it is very easy to maintain and clean.

Cork Flooring

Though cork flooring is the first choice for kitchens, it is also very suitable for bedrooms as they absorb sounds. Cork floorings are comfortable and durable; sometimes they even stand for many-many years. While stepping on a cork floor with a pointed heel can make an indentation into the floor, the floor quickly resumes its original shape. But heavy furniture items can cause permanent indentations on the cork floor. Also, it is an expensive but eco-friendly flooring choice.

Area Rugs

Generally, we use area rugs to soften the hard surfaces and floors, but they have become a popular flooring choice in modern times. They are available in several colors, sizes, patterns, weave styles, and materials for bedrooms. Make sure you choose a soft rug with a non-slip backing that should be cozy to your feet. You can choose an area rug completely on the basis of your personal choice. This contemporary flooring style adds to the ambiance of your room. A good quality area rug doesn’t only last longer but also gives a better feel. It is advisable to have a big enough rug to cover at least two feet from all sides if placed under the bed.  Smaller rugs can be used as side runners or at the base of the bed that adds beauty to your personal space.

Ceramic and Stone Flooring

Stone and ceramic tiling are the least preferred flooring type for bedrooms. Though both these flooring types are very durable and look beautiful, they are too cold and hard choices for bedrooms. Not a very famous choice but Tuscan, Mediterranean, Spanish,  and Moroccan themes are commonly used for bedrooms.

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