Benefits of Using the Mean Stack During Development

These days in the digital age, businesses anticipate developing cloud-optimized, scalable online and mobile apps. One such framework that simplifies and improves application development is the MEAN stack.

The MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js) is a collection of cutting-edge technologies that may be used to create cutting-edge applications. YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Tumblr, Forbes, Instagram, and many more are just some of the well-known companies whose apps were created using the JavaScript MEAN stack.

What is MEAN stack?

A shared language has several advantages for the overall structure of an app. Only JavaScript is used universally throughout the MEAN stack. So, the database, front end, and back end can all be managed simultaneously without too much hassle.

On top of that, there are notable distinctions between the MEAN stack and the complete stack, another well-liked technology. On the one hand, front-end and back-end frameworks, together with additional APIs, are all part of the whole stack. Conversely, an expert mobile app development company in NewYork utilizes a group of programs like Node.js, AngularJS, Node.js, and the database management system MongoDB.

MEAN stack components

  •  MongoDB

As part of the MEAN stack, MongoDB is responsible for archiving application-generated data. Since both the database and the application make use of JavaScript, data transmission between the two is unnecessary. 

This feature provides better storage and performance scalability, making it suitable for handling massive data sets without any hiccups. An additional feature of MongoDB is the ability to modify the database by adding new fields without having to refresh the whole table when you hire an ios app developers.

  • Express

 When it comes to the MEAN stack, JavaScript is the back-end since it controls how the front-end communicates with the database. Express’s streamlined method of management ensures that everything runs smoothly. 

  • AngularJS

AngularJS is a widely-used JavaScript front-end framework for creating mobile and online applications’ user interfaces from scratch when you hire an ios app developer

All layers of the program, including the user interface, the business logic, and the data storage, are written in JavaScript, so information can be transferred quickly and easily between them.

  • Node.js

The MEAN stack relies heavily on Node.js. It is freely available and has the largest library ecosystem thanks to a tool called npm (Node Package Manager). Express was built specifically for the Node.js platform. 

The rapid data serving capabilities of Node.js are greatly enhanced by the incorporation of AngularJS. To efficiently execute JavaScript applications outside of the browser, Node.js provides a cross-platform runtime environment with the aid of ios app development services.

Advantages of developing with the mean stack

Here are listed some of the advantages of developing with the MEAN Stack

  • Full-stack JavaScript

MEAN stack development’s usage of JavaScript for both the front end and the back end of web apps is a big benefit. As a result, development is more cutting-edge and effective. 

For example, in the common LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), the front end and back end both make use of their own language. It may slow down development since programmers will have to constantly transition between languages.

Development under the MEAN stack eliminates the need to move back and forth between languages. We’ve developed the whole thing in JavaScript to streamline the development process and get it up and running quickly. To add to this, JavaScript’s popularity makes it simple to recruit capable programmers for a MEAN stack project when you hire mean stack developers.

  • Free and available to the public

The fact that the MEAN stack is entirely open source and free to use without the need to pay expensive license fees is another major benefit. Also, it permits the individual modification of each part to meet unique requirements.

  • Scalability

The scalability of the MEAN stack is a major benefit. Both MongoDB and Node.js are strong, scalable database systems, but Node.js is optimized for creating large, distributed servers. As a result, the MEAN stack is a great option for developing enterprise-level online apps.

  • Superior Efficiency

The MEAN stack’s great performance is another benefit. Node.js’s asynchronous design makes it particularly well-suited for managing a large number of simultaneous connections. The time it takes for a single-page application to load might be decreased by using AngularJS.

  • Adaptability

When it comes to building websites, the MEAN stack provides a wide range of options. All parts are made to fit together perfectly, which is why this is possible. Furthermore, you may choose and choose the tools that are most appropriate for your situation based on the requirements assessment.

  • Quick and Simple to Use

The fact that the MEAN stack is simple to pick up and utilize is another perk. This is because JavaScript, a popular programming language, provides the foundation for every part. To top it all off, the MEAN stack is well supported by a wealth of helpful materials that make learning it a breeze.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

While creating online applications, the MEAN stack may also aid in increasing efficiency. That’s due to the fact that it was built using JavaScript from the ground up. This implies that the two halves of the program may be written in the same language, saving significant effort.

  • Effectiveness

As every part of the MEAN stack is open-source and free, it also saves you money. The MEAN stack also allows for the development of large-scale applications without the associated high costs.

  • Enhanced Safety and Security

Since the MEAN stack is made up entirely of open-source tools, it provides a more secure environment when you  hire an ios app developer. This implies that other programmers may examine the code and report any security issues they find. In addition to bolstering database security, utilizing MongoDB may do the same for information.


There are several benefits to using the MEAN stack for web development. It’s simple to implement, quick to load, and open to change. The MEAN stack also provides enhanced security at a reduced cost. If you’re searching for a set of tools to assist in developing web apps, the MEAN stack is a solid option.

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