Benefits of CBD Oil

Do you believe that many people near you are very interested in cannabis oil or medicinal cannabis? Most of them are people with chronic medical conditions that require lifelong medication, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or various cancers. So people are awake. Understand that it will help alleviate the symptoms of existing diseases. Or some people understand that it will be “cured” from the disease, that is. That makes this group of people want to have marijuana in their possession for self-medication.

Cannabis and current therapeutics

Because some of the essential substances in cannabis have therapeutic effects or alleviate the symptoms of some diseases Currently, some people extract cannabis to make cannabis oil and distribute them to the general public, claiming too many benefits. Dankwoods is one of the weeds that is being distributed by several store owners. Make people believe and buy them for their use in the end.

According to the Honestdocs survey of 12,905 Thais on the medicinal use of cannabis, only 14% used cannabis on their own for real medical benefits. Most of them are used to relieve pain. Used to treat cancer Helps to sleep better, treatment for depression, etc.

It can be seen that during the past June, Many people have been harmed from the use of cannabis oil, with numbness or spasms caused by substandard use of cannabis oil. And not the right way. These symptoms are a side effect of the body getting too much of a particular substance and resulting in more penalties than benefits sitting on their own.

What are the active substances in cannabis oil?

In hemp oil, The primary substances are THC and CBD kaufen. THC is the main compound that has a stimulating effect on the nerves. If taken in high doses, it can cause hallucinations. muscle spasms, twitching

As for CBD kaufen, it is less than THC and has the opposite effect. Make you feel comfortable, relax, reduce pain, reduce inflammation or relieve anxiety.

With the properties above of cannabis causing people to see a way to seek benefits, Lots of scammers are selling cannabis oil. This can cause danger because we do not know that the oil is not up to the standard. What are the essential substances? and how many essential substances

In addition, cannabis leaves are used to extract essential substances. Usually, it is contaminated with pesticides and cadmium. Which cadmium affects the kidneys and bones and can cause cancer.

Therefore, hemp oil sold on the black market is still considered a non-standard oil and has not been approved for medical safety, so you should be careful, don’t be fooled, and buy it for yourself as it can cause dangerous side effects, which is not worth the risk that will occur at all.

Cannabis oil treatment for cancer, know?

I believe that this is a question that many people worry about cancer treatment. Hemp oil does not cure cancer. It just helps relieve pain from chemotherapy drugs only.

Cannabis and depression

The information at present is not clear. Cannabis can help treat depression, But a study published in the journal The Lancet by a psychologist and neuro-neurologist from King’s College London, UK, found that continued cannabis use Or in high doses can cause mental illnesses. Especially a mental disorder called ” schizophrenia, “which is a severe type of psychosis.

There are also safe antidepressants available today in the treatment of depression. Research studies are supporting it, and it is already effective. It may not be worth it to try marijuana on your own.

Can marijuana help you sleep better?

Currently, Thai people’s knowledge of cannabis and sleep is quite limited. Usually, cannabis contains THC as the main ingredient. This substance may be more awake and hallucinating than inducing sleep.

Anxiety-relieving CBD kaufen may help induce sleep. Instead, THC is lower than THC, so at present, marijuana may not be suitable for treating insomnia.

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