Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation procedures are one of the most popular surgical procedures among women and young girls. There is more than one way to increase your breast size. One of the most commonly chosen procedures for this purpose is breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Here is how this cosmetic procedure can change your life for the better.

1. It Provides More Natural Results

Breast augmentation with fat transfer provides natural results when compared with other breast enhancement procedures. When the fat is transferred to the breast tissue, the surgeon uses massage to even out the fat distribution. This procedure also gives you the freedom to enhance your breast size at a specific location.

2. It is Ideal for a Moderate Increase in Breast Size

For women looking for only moderate breast enhancements, breast augmentation with fat transfer or fat grafting is considered the best option. This procedure shows ideal results while using one’s own body fat. In addition, this procedure is safe, minimal, and offers excellent outcomes for such candidates.

3. It Gives Permanent Results

One of the most significant advantages of breast augmentation with fat transfer is that the results are permanent. Unlike breast implants, you will not need to have revised surgeries to replace the implants after some time.

4. It Contains Lower Risks

Modern-day breast implants are highly specialized and very reliable, but there are still some risks associated with them. For example, there is a chance that these implants might rupture. Or they can wrinkle after some time. While with the fat transfer, no such risks are involved.

Where inserting the silicone implants can cause a reaction, using your body fat eliminates the risk of foreign object rejection by the body. There are also fewer chances of infection in this particular breast enhancement surgery.

5. It has a Fast Recovery

While breast implants need to make skin incisions and cut chest muscles to place the implants, the fat transfer or grafting only uses fine cannulas for the whole procedure. This fact makes the recovery from a breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure fast. You can return to work in a few days to a few weeks.

6. It Causes Less Scarring

Breast augmentation with fat transfer uses fine needle sand cannulas to extract fat from the donor site and inject it into the breasts. No surgical cuts are involved in this procedure, so the scarring is also minimal. In addition, you will not get a non-aesthetic scar that you’ll need to hide through different means.

7. It Improves Body Proportion

One reason that women choose to go for breast enhancement surgery is to make their curves prominent. Breast augmentation with fat transfer has an added benefit to it. Not only does it add curves where they are desired, but it also removes the excess fat where it does not look pleasing. This procedure provides an overall better body proportion and gives you an ideal body contour according to your wishes.

8. It Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Women who are unsatisfied with their breast appearance or who have lost their breast size after giving birth or breastfeeding can undergo this procedure to regain their confidence. Being satisfied with your body will boost your self-esteem and help you lead a quality life without any shame or embarrassment.


While talking about breast augmentation with fat transfer, the benefits outweigh the risks considerably. It is an ideal solution for women who needs a small boost in their breast areas.

You can also get breast augmentation with fat transfer in Mumbai using the expertise of a qualified surgeon. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is an alumnus of KEM Hospital, Mumbai, and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

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