Bad Bunny Announced He’s Taking a Break in 2023: Here’s What He Did in 2022

The announcement that Bad Bunny, the global Latin sensation, will take a break in 2023 caught people off guard. The award-winning rapper had already broken all of the 2022 records for ticket sales, concerts, and music awards, so this move was a surprise. Many fans assumed he would schedule a 2023 tour, possibly visiting many European cities and returning to the United States for more concerts, but Bad Bunny had different plans for his career.

The fact that he is the leading TikTok star right now still gives us some hope Bad Bunny will change his mind for good. On the other hand, we must say that after all those concerts and sold-out Bad Bunny tickets, he deserves a break and a chance to work on his well-being and private life.

But that only inspires us to remind the audience what he did in 2022 and why he is about to take his well-deserved break:

He Showed Us Music Knows No Boundaries

Many people already knew this, but the English language appeared to be overpowering the music scene. However, we must admit that music has a universal language, which is emotions and inner excitement when we listen to it.

Musicians such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera always record Spanish versions of their songs, which are more lyrical than the English versions. However, Bad Bunny’s influence encourages many artists to record in their native language, even if they aim for global success.

The music scene must be diverse, and Bad Bunny (and his Latin trap colleagues) demonstrate that it is possible if we know how to win people’s hearts.

The Mexico Fiasco Made Him Even More Popular

The Mexico fiasco wasn’t his fault, but people often get angry with the music stars instead of the organization. Due to a software error, Bad Bunny held two almost empty but still sold-out concerts in Mexico’s Estadio Azteca.

The case will surely end up with some sanctions because even people with legit tickets couldn’t enter the concert, together with those who owned fake ones. Previously, something similar happened to Taylor Swift, and we hope these cases will stay in the past.

The result? People love Bad Bunny even more and aren’t comfortable with his decision to take a break at the peak of his popularity. But we hope he knows what he’s doing.

Fans are Patient Enough to Wait For the Next Concert

Even though many are disappointed, most fans are ready to wait even longer than one year for the next Bad Bunny concert. If you are among those, who missed the chance to attend some of the sold-out performances, ensure you buy your tickets immediately after the next concert is confirmed.

What happened in 2022?

The online queues were filled up by millions of people trying to buy tickets for the next show. Many didn’t even have a chance to stand in that virtual queue and grab their tickets for some Bad Bunny show.

His Tour Resulted in Exceptional Revenue

If you check on the 2022 tour statistics, you will see that most of the concerts were completely filled up, from the first seat to the last.

The Bad Bunny tickets Las Vegas sales resulted in more than $20 million in revenue, while about 90,000 people attended the concert. The situation is similar in almost every US city where Bad Bunny held a concert. Another example is the state of Illinois, where the Bad Bunny tickets Chicago sales resulted in about $14 million in revenue and more than 50,000 people present at the Soldier Field venue.

The San Diego performances had a cumulative revenue of $20 million, while the double Inglewood performance resulted in more than $30 million in revenue.

He Said 2023 is for His Physical Health

In an interview, Bad Bunny said that 2022 was a successful year, but 2023 is for his physical and emotional health. And we must say that every successful person needs to take their time off and enjoy the achievements and awards.

Additionally, the Puerto Rican singer said that he has plans to get back to the studio but doesn’t know when that will happen.

He showed us Some Quality Reggaeton

People were used to usual music genres, like pop, rock, rap, and reggae, and that was how the music scene was breathing for more than a decade. As we said, diversity is needed in every field, so Bad Bunny, together with Ozuna, Anuel AA, Farukko, J Balvin, Drake, Luis Fonsi, Anitta, and many others, showed how we could move and dance to different rhythms every day.

We are happy that many A-list music stars recognized the potential and recorded collaborative songs with Latin trap and reggaeton music stars. And that’s our favorite sound from 2022.

He Stayed Loyal to his Style

Many stars give up under public pressure and make music for the masses. They go far away from their original style, and many consider that growing up and getting more mature. But have you ever thought about audience pressure? You know, people always have an opinion on how things should be done and why the current artist’s style doesn’t work.

Some stars decide to give the audience exactly what they want, starting from the genre to the hair color and appearance.

So, why is Bad Bunny different but still so popular?

It seems like people got bored with the generic pop music songs and similarly looking artists. The whole Latin trap scene is so vibrant, diverse, and simply different, making these artists loveable and preferred over anyone else. And Bad Bunny gave all that to the thirsty audience, resulting in unconditional support.

Final Thoughts

Knowing all these things, it’s not even surprising why fans aren’t angry with Bad Bunny’s decision to take the deserved break. They know he has a lot to offer in the years that come. There would surely be many new tours and albums, as well as collaborations, music videos, and powerful live performances.

And some of us still hope he will record something new earlier than 2024, so we can all enjoy the great music.

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