Baby Shower Cake Guide For the Noob

About to throw a surprise baby shower? The hardest part of planning that baby shower is going to be deciding on your shower theme. If instead, you are constantly worried about what kind of a cake would be appropriate for the baby shower and dazzle the guests, you may also be struggling to deal with the task at hand – planning a party.

There is absolutely no end to the ideas you have at your disposal when it comes to baby shower cake decorations. You can opt for any size and shape, even colour and make it as unique as you want. The basic rule is to be as creative as possible. It is best to have the Encanto cake theme centred on the baby. Undoubtedly, light or pastel shades make for the best choice of colours, for example, baby pink, blue, bright yellow, light green and a lot of white.

Starting with the frosting:

You can use frostings of different colours to create various designs and patterns such as layered flowers, animals or babies. A couple of cubes of cake can be covered in different colours of frosting to make them resemble baby toys.

Theme decorations:

Cakes that depict a baby in bed or a cradle are an absolute favourite. You can have a rectangular piece of cake decorated in the shape of a bed for the baby. Using a generous layer of fondant or plain frosting for the mattress, pillows, and fruit leather for the top covers to create a baby’s bed’s visual effect is a popular choice. A plastic cake topper in the shape of a baby can finally be placed on top of the bed shaped cake to complete the cake decoration.

Alternatively, you can have a cake with a baby drawn on it and cut along the boundaries of the drawing.

Cake shapes:

Cake shapes do not need to look exactly like that of a baby’s cot. Cakes in various shapes are also welcome at a baby shower like teddy bears, and toys as well. You can also make a cake look like a book or a greeting card, baby clothing, a small-cap or feeding bottle by only using different colours and shapes.

Writing something like “Special Delivery” or a “Baby” in a cute font either on the top of the sides of the cake will make it all the more beautiful.

Multi-tier baby shower cake decorations are much simpler than these. You can have small cake toppers on the top layer of the cake and also around the base. Roses, leaves and fruit shapes can be used as borders on the sides as well as top of the layers. A baby is shown sitting on the top, or something like miniature baby shoes or even an actual feeding bottle will make the baby shower cake decoration look very appealing.

Of course, you will be unable to bake a cake, frost it and put a party together. Doing all of these tasks all by yourself is not going to be easy. Hence, it would be advisable to order the cake online. By getting it baked and delivered through a professional cake delivery in Patna service provider, you can save a lot of time and instead plan the rest of the party. At the same time, you leave the gigantic task of putting a tasty cake together to the professionals.

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