Australia Road Trip – Caravan or Camper Trailer?

James intends to go on an Australia road trip with his family. Both his wife, Sarah, and himself have been saving and planning to ensure the journey turns out perfectly. Though the trip is a few weeks away, some unanswered questions remain. Like: “What will they travel in?”

The diverse variations of vehicles available for their trip have made the selection of the most suitable one a tough choice. Many caravans, fifth-wheelers, RVs, motor homes, and double-fold campers exist. The similarities between the different options available further complicate the situation. 

To simplify things, here’s a short guide that compares two of the most popular outdoor adventure vehicles, a Caravan Vs travel trailers for sale tacoma, to help you decide the best vehicle to travel in with your travel buddies, friends, or family.

Is a Caravan a good choice?

Caravans are luxurious since they have extra amenities like bathrooms, fridges, and air-conditioners. They also come with queen beds and kitchen spaces. Hence the reason why they are quite pricey to get. 

They are easy to assemble, designed to keep the critters away, and quite roomy. However, all these extra features mean they’re significantly larger, making them harder to tow, park and store. It also means your trip will be restricted to certain access roads, and you’ll most likely have to avoid off-road areas. 

A caravan would be preferable for long road trips and families with children. It is designed to make you enjoy something similar to the comfort you want in your home while on the road. 

A compact or hybrid version can be great for couples and families with two or fewer kids. 

Would a camper work for you?

A camper trailer will be a better alternative if you plan your trip on a tight budget. Apart from its lower price point and low fuel consumption, it is less challenging to tow than a caravan because of its low weight. 

Campers offer better access to more off-road locations, making it possible to enjoy your camping experience closer to nature. On the other hand, campers have their cons too. 

They usually come with limited extra amenities. Other downsides to a camper include limited storage space, the minimal privacy its canvas walls provide, and difficulty setting it up.

You can choose one of these three camper types for a fun road trip in Australia.

  1. Soft Floor Campers – features a soft vinyl tonneaux cover and is a good option for a one-night trip.
  2. Flip-over Campers – comes with a hardtop mist travel that can double as a suspended floor.
  3. Windup Hard Floor Campers – has an interior similar to a caravan. 

Even though campers lack amenities, the windup hard floor campers offer basic amenities like a kitchen space and beds at a lesser cost. 


The selection of your travel vehicle depends on your budget and the number of travellers. It also depends on your desired comfort and destination (Are you going to a remote location or keeping your adventure in the urban areas?). Consider these factors carefully to make the best choice to cater to your travel needs and ensure an amazing road trip.

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