Are Gas Appliances More Efficient Than Electric?

Repairing Gas Compared to Electric Appliances

When shopping for appliances or new systems in your home, you’re likely to ask the question of millions before you – are gas appliances more efficient than electric? In this guide, we’re going to review the overall answer to this question as well as how each solution fares when it comes to repairs and heaters.

On the whole, gas is the cheaper option of the two because it is inherently more affordable than electricity. Even with the improvements that manufacturers have made over the years, homes enjoy cheaper utility bills when they use gas rather than electricity. According to some suggestions, the difference is as much as 30% – therefore, we’re not talking about a minor difference.

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However, the question for homeowners isn’t just about running costs. Of course, you also need to pay attention to what you already have in your home. If you don’t have the infrastructure for gas, you’ll need to pay a hefty sum to reroute a gas line in your home. While considering this option, keep in mind that some utility companies reward customers for converting to natural gas. In other words, you could be entitled to a rebate to make the cost more affordable.

Equally, making the switch to electric appliances is costly if you only have a gas line into your home. In terms of the appliances themselves, gas appliances are more expensive, but the lower utility bill makes them a wiser investment compared to electric appliances.

Although we don’t like to think about it, sometimes things go wrong with our appliances. After a long week at work, you just want a roast dinner and to relax with family. However, your oven has other ideas and decides that this is the best time to stop working.

Ultimately, both gas and electric appliances have complexities that make them tricky to fix alone. Therefore, you’ll need a professional to visit your property, identify the problem, and work on a fix. While electric appliances tend to have fewer elements, gas appliances have been around for so long that professionals know how to fix issues, and the parts are widely available.

While some will tell you that electric appliances are cheaper to fix, this isn’t always the case. This is like asking which car from two manufacturers is easier to repair – it depends on the extent of the problem, regardless of whether it’s an electric or gas appliance. For both appliances, some repairs will cost $20 and take a couple of minutes, while others will cost hundreds and take hours.

Hot Water and Heaters, Where Gas Really Wins

In terms of repairing appliances, some will lean in favour of electricity, but there’s no clear winner. However, this changes when considering hot water and heaters. As seen in the introduction, gas is much cheaper than electricity in this field, and this is why gas takes the crown. While electric models are cheaper, they’re more expensive to run, and this difference builds up over time.

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If you’re worried about gas leaks, the solution is simple; find local gas heater services to maintain your gas system. In addition to servicing the system, they will repair small issues before they have a chance to become much larger problems. What’s more, they will suggest solutions like carbon monoxide detectors to keep you and your family safe.

While gas and electric are close in many ways, gas is more fuel-efficient than electric, and there are enough high-quality services in the niche to keep the system operating effectively!

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