Applying for a British Passport: Things You Need to Know!

Applying for a British passport is the last and most important step towards your UK citizenship journey. When it comes to getting citizenship, having the right documents is important to complete the application. So, here’s what you need to apply for a passport: 

You can apply for your passport through one of the following methods: 

Online application: 

Applying online is the cheapest and the easiest method of applying. This you will get complete guidance through every step of the process. Also, it saves time and makes the process straightforward. This is also easy for those who want to replace, renew or update the passport. You can also get access to the fake id website.

Furthermore, applying online takes approximately six weeks. However, it can extend depending upon your application. Normally, the duration depends upon factors like the application needs more information or something is misfiled. Payments are also made online, and the fee may vary, depending on the passport type. 

Following are the documents you must need to apply: 

You should send original documents; no photocopies. If you don’t have original certificates, you can get official documents. Also, if the documents are in another language but English, a certified translator or an official translation service is required. 

If you are born or adopted in the UK: 

If you are born before 1 January 1983, you will need a birth or adoption certificate. However, if you are born on or after January 1983, you either need a birth certificate or: 

Your parents’ full details with a UK birth certificate, you can also show a Home Office certificate of registration or a valid British passport that belongs to your parents or a British passport of either parent. 

Evidence that your parents moved to the UK at the time of your birth. This means a foreign passport that belongs to your parents and was valid when you were born. 

If you are sending documents of your father, make sure to attach the marriage certificate. 

If you are born outside the UK: if you are born outside the UK, the documents depending upon your situations, like:

You have a certificate of registration or naturalization and the passport you will use to come to the UK or the foreign passport you are in.

Born before 1 January 1983 or a British overseas territory: You will need your birth certificate, current passport, and the passport you have used to come to the UK.

Born before 1 January 1983 and your father born in the UK: In this situation, you will need your full birth certificate with your parent’s full details.

  • Birth certificate of your father
  • Marriage certificate of your parents
  • The passport you have used to come in the country
  • If any of the documents you are submitting for your passport application are not in English, then you will need to produce a certified translation into English. You can use a certified translation service in the UK who’s translations are acceptable to the UK Passport Office.

Other Ways to Apply for A Passport:

Post office checks and send services: You can send your original documents via post; they will send those documents to the HM passport office by special delivery.

Post: You can send your documents directly via post; just make sure to attach the correct postage with your envelope. Just make sure to attach the right postage to envelop.

What is the UK Passport fee?

Your British passport’s overall fee varies upon the type of application you are making and to which you are submitting.


While the list of documents you use for a British passport is not too much, you need to ensure that you submit the correct documents.  

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