An Unforgettable Road Trip from Pune to Mumbai During Monsoons

Falling raindrops play a beautiful symphony in every heart. During a beautiful season like the monsoon, travellers can explore adventure terrains, lush and green mountains, and romantic destinations. There is nothing quite as delightful as strolling through rain-kissed pathways, enjoying blooming greenery and smelling wet soil.

I am a huge travel buff and love the wide and windy roads; unique beauty exists about monsoons and the wide wet roads. 

Riding, driving in the monsoons has its own vibe, but travelling by a rented car or a cab can be as exciting since you just have to relax.  Opt for an affordable online cab booking service, and turn your regular city-to-city drive into a fascinating journey. As a result, you can easily customise your itinerary and take a break to enjoy what awaits you and enhance your journey with interesting stops on the way.

Pune to Mumbai

A road trip from Pune to Mumbai is something that most Puneites love. And the best time to explore the Pune to Mumbai route is during the monsoon when the surroundings turn lush green for the best view. Pune is roughly 150 KM away from Mumbai by car. The journey takes anywhere between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the traffic, of course.

A road trip to Mumbai from Pune by car is one of the most popular ways to travel between these cities. It is a scenic drive through the Western Ghats that passes through one of the most beautiful stretches in the state. Monsoons transform the view and winding roads into something truly beautiful. My memorable trip was largely due to the view. You can choose from 2 routes:

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Route 1- Mumbai-Pune Expressway 

I frequently use this route to reach Mumbai from Pune by road as it is the only designated highway route. It is also the quickest and shortest route; thus, we also took this route.

Some points of interest along the way:

In addition to being a scenic road, it runs parallel to a continuous stretch of Western Ghats. While on my journey, I have travelled through the same route multiple times, but during monsoons, it has a completely different vibe, just stunning tourist sites, beautiful scenic visuals, and adventure spots. 

  • Rajmachi Fort, Rajmachi, Lonavala:

It is known as one of the earliest forts in the state and has become a favourite trekking destination for adventure seekers (like me). As a trekking enthusiast, this has always been my favourite spot for a little dose of adventure. Its breathtaking view is gorgeous. What a treat for the sore eyes. Simply fascinating!

  • Duke’s Nose Peak, Khandala:

This peak is a key feature of Lonavala’s sister city, Khandala, and is popular with locals and tourists. It is especially beautiful during the rainy season when the surroundings are lush and misty. A place for peace and calm.

  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Karnala:

It is the state’s one of the largest bird sanctuaries. The monsoon season is best for jungle climbing. Well after a little climbing and making your way into the forest, the soft bird sounds and various bird breeds are nothing but just mesmerizing. 

Route 2- Via NH 48/Old Mumbai-Pune Highway

While I prefer using the highway for travelling, the old road is equally beautiful, and cannot be ignored.   

  • Bushi Dam, Lonavala: 

Situated on the Bank of River Lonavala, Bushi Dam is the largest and most famous dam in Lonavala. While I was there, I also took some wonderful pictures because its reservoir offers scenic views during the rainy season.

My Pune to Mumbai trip packages allowed me to stop at these amazing places during the drive, thus enhancing my driving experience. Discover the best routes for an enjoyable Pune to Mumbai road trip. Savaari car rental’s reliable Pune to Mumbai cab service allows you to enjoy the pleasure of being on the monsoon roads.

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