Amazon Promotions: All Types & Tips Explained For Sellers

To boost your Amazon conversion rate, you’ll need to use a combination of different solutions. Today, we will cover three standard promotional options your business can employ to entice customers to buy your products.

When you start a business on Amazon, there are many different ways you can boost your Amazon conversion rate. Amazon sellers often use three main ways, including Lightning Deals, promotions, and coupons. In this article, we will discuss each type and their differences from each other.

So, without wasting much time, let’s read on!

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon lightning deals offer promotions that last for a very short time only. Each deal typically lasts only four to six hours and is a popular feature on Amazon.

As the products in the Amazon lightning deals section are constantly changing, this feature is attractive to Amazon buyers. Therefore, there is no doubt that this drives the Amazon conversion rate.

Therefore, lightning deals are an excellent way for you to entice your customers to buy your products because of their discounted prices. It is also extremely useful for quickly reducing inventory.

To access Amazon Lightning Deals, it is essential to have a professional sales plan. In your seller account, you can visit the Lightning Trades Dashboard to see which products are suitable for Lightning Trades.

How Do You Determine if a Product Is Eligible for Amazon Lightning Deals?

If you want to include your product in Amazon’s Lightning Deals, it meets Amazon’s standards. Here are a few factors they regularly consider when determining whether your product qualifies.


If your products are deemed inappropriate, they will not be considered for Amazon flash deals. These include alcohol, tobacco, and adult-themed products.

Product reviews

Your products must be Prime-eligible through enrollment in  Merchant-Fulfilled Prime or Fulfillment by Amazon.

Product reviews

Products rated below 3 stars will not be accepted in Amazon’s lightning deals section. Although Amazon may change this criterion, it is best to maintain a high ranking for your product. Receiving dozens of positive reviews will make your product eligible.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Item Appear in Amazon Lightning Deals?

It will cost you a fortune to have your products featured in Amazon Lightning Deals. Therefore, you should choose products that are highly likely to generate profits for your business.

This cost is typical $150. However, if you’re trying to promote your product on special days like Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday, this cost could be higher. You may also have to pay more in December.

Visit for more information on how to create a lightning deal on Amazon,

Amazon Promotions

It is another way to expose products to potential customers. Specifically, you can offer your product at a low cost to encourage your buyers to tell friends and family about your product. This allows you to reach new potential customers, resulting in an Amazon conversion rate boost.

Amazon promotions not only encourage customers to buy your products but also increase brand awareness. Hence, they expose your brand to more interested potential customers. We all love good deals, right? The use of promotions is a great solution to attract the attention of Amazon buyers.

What Types of Promotions Can You Offer?

There are 3 main Amazon promotions you can provide to your customers:

Free shipping

This type of promotion refers to customers spending a certain amount or buying a certain number of items to get free shipping.

Percentage off

This type of promotion is prevalent because it saves your customers a little money. These promotions can be group promo codes (in the form of a generic code, which anyone can use), one-time promotions (a special code for each buyer), so on.

BOGO (Buy One Get One)

BOGOs are another effective way to entice your audience to make a purchase. BOGO can be based on the amount or amount spent. For instance, you can use promotions like “Buy three get one free” or “Spend $100+ on any pair of shoes to get an extra pair for free!”

These are three common promotional options your business can employ to entice customers to buy your products.

Amazon Coupons

Up next on our list, Amazon coupons are also an effective solution to help your business earn conversions. They are basically like coupons you’d typically get from newspaper advertising circulars.

Amazon Coupons are available to everyone. They are often found on product detail pages, in search results, and elsewhere. In addition, it is possible to apply these coupons to all your orders.

On the downside, you can’t save these coupons for a later date. Instead, after you clip them, you must use them right away.

When you offer coupons to Amazon buyers, you pay a fee. Specifically, you will be charged $0.60 every time you redeem the coupon. So, consider this cost when trying to sell your product under this solution.

What Types of Coupons Are Available?

Clip coupons

Clip coupons can be used on specific products. All you need to do is clip them and add them to the cart to get the discount. However, these clip coupons are only valid for a limited time.

These coupons are generally applied to all products in your store. They often come in the form of “$20 off your order” or “$50 off when you spend more than $300.” Therefore, anyone can enjoy the offer, as long as they meet the requirements of the coupon.

Link coupons

Link coupons require buyers to click on the affiliate link to receive the offer.  In other words, when your customer clicks on the link, the discount is automatically added to their cart.


When you do business on Amazon, there are many ways that you can apply to earn more conversions. The three types of promotions above are just a few of the popular ways you can entice potential customers to buy your products.

If you’re ready to apply promotions and discounts to improve your Amazon conversion rate, visit now to get help from a strategist.

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