All You Need to Know About Power Float Machines

A power float is a hand-operated machine designed to smoothen floor or concrete slabs. It uses a petrol engine fixed over a skimmer to perform its work.

This article explains more about what a power float is,the advantages one may get from purchasing this kind of machine, and some factors one has to consider before making payment or purchasing this kind of machine.

Benefits of buying a Power Float Machine

Many prefer purchasing products when it is only beneficial to them in as many ways as possible and when the market price is not discriminating. Below are some benefits one may get from buying this kind of machine.

Polished and smooth surfaces

A benefit you get from buying this machine is smoothening and shining of surfaces. It has features that make your floor surface smooth and polished giving it an attractive shine and good outlook.

Ease in floor maintenance

Rougher concretes have grooves that are hard to clean and maintain. Using these machines makes surfaces smooth, making them easy to maintain. It provides a floor that is easy to manage and clean compared to when it is rough.

Stability over a wide temperature range

Smooth surfaces created by this type of machine cope with temperature variations and changes.

Extreme high temperature and low-temperature variation do not cause any effect on the floor. The smooth surface regulates temperature and can also withstand any temperature variation.

Power float machines are of two types, the ride-on type and the walk-behind type. Despite the advantages, there are factors to consider before purchasing this machine.

Factors to Look into When Making Purchasing a Power Float Machine

Quality of the machine

Being that there are many products in the market, it is still possible for you to decide on the quality of the kind of machine you want. Going for a quality power float is advantageous. It will not be prone to damage minimizing repair costs.

Price of the machine

Power float price in Kenya varies depending on the dealer and the quality of the machine. Some dealers sell them at higher prices while others at favorable prices. You should analyze the market base on the quality of the product before making a purchase.

Fuel efficiency

Before purchasing a machine, it is good to consider its fuel efficiency. Because fuel is a cost that is not easy to avoid, it is preferred to go for that which consumes less fuel. It will save you money and enables you to work efficiently.

Dealer of the product

It can be confusing to knowwhether a product is legit or just a scam can be illogical. Some dealers tend to sell already damaged products to their clients. It is advisable to always this kind of machine from an honest and reputable dealer who answers your questions appropriately concerning this kind of machine.

Knowledge of the machine

Before purchase, it is preferable to be familiarized and well-equipped with the functioning and use of this kind of machine. Knowing before purchasing this machine reduces risks such as theft or purchasing a non-functioning machine.


Having a machine that eases and benefits you in your work is good but knowing the status of the kind of machine you are using or want to buy is better. Therefore, it will be wise for you to value and put both into interest. Owning this kind of product can better ease your work.

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