All About Jira Online Training in India: Which is a Good Institution for It?


A Jira is a trending software for tracking bugs and manage the project by a software engineer.

The software has based on Java language, and initially, it has developed in 2002.  This software is mange by a large and small group of the team for building, planning, managing the software in an organization.

This software has contained the Jira software, Jira work management, Jira service management, and Jira align.

What do we cover during the Jira Training?

  • We cover many topics during the training. From Jira Training online, we know more learn about the different types of plug-in and their uses.
  • After this training, We can plan your project and learn how to track your project from Jira software and project capacity.
  • The Jira training online gives you the best knowledge about the configuration process and workflow of the software, user management scrum projects.

Synopsis of the Jira training course

1- About the Agile scrum:-

  • What is the principle of Agile scrum and its definition.
    • About scrum rules and ceremonies of the scrum.
    • Definition of Sprint planning, backlog content, and sprint cycle.
    • what are the advantage of scrum and the definition of a scrum team and scrum board?
    • About daily meetings.

2- Learn about Jira software:-

  • About the Jira software and what is the advantage.
  • How to create a project, download the Jira software from the official website.
  • Learn user stories and their issues.
  • How to work Jira software and installation process for windows and Linux.

3- From Jira training, learn the basic activities of Jira software:-

  • from Jira software, how to create an issue in the project.
  • how to attach the screenshot and files of the Jira software.
  • learn modifying and moving issues in Jira software.
  • What is a clone.
  • we cover editing, schedule and issue, e-mailing, and logging work.
  • How to change the issue’s history, create issues in Jira software.

4- Learn the navigator, handle the project, understand the project’s report, learn advanced features during the Jira training online.

5- Learn about the Agile projects, monitor the scripts, and several examples of scrum boards from Jira Tutorial .

6- How to manage the project, managing learn the components, settings, notification, group, roles in Jira.

7-About workflow administration

  • concept of workflow and example.
  • learn different types of functions like- post, translation, and conditions.

8- About plug-in, installation, and configuration:-

  • Test issues and reports.
  • The description of confluence.
  • how to handle, create, and running test cycles.

Benefits of certification from Jira training online:-

  • After completing the Jira Tutorial, you crack the exam and handle the Jira software.
  • You will install the configuration of the Jira software, learn the plug-in and how to use the software, managing the issue in Jira software.
  • You also learn the advanced features of the software and about the security.

Final verdict:-

After completing the Jira Training, you will handle the software and crack the Jira certification exam.

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