AIRCROSS_Viral Protection and Air Purifier

This pandemic has brought us to a new world. Everything has entirely changed. Therefore, we need to change our Living Styles.

We’ve been following SOP’s and maintaining social distance for more than a year. However, the risk of getting the virus is pretty much the same. The biggest reason is that the air has become contaminated from the viral droplets of sneeze and coughs. Wearing a mask or following the measures is not lowering down the risk efficiently. 

Being the part of 21st century we’ve come up to an innovative decision. The most significant way of covid-19 aerosol protection is as simple as to purify the air. Aircross is the very solution to normalize these times. 

What is air cross? 

We have come up to a new normality solution. Aircross is a sort of air purifier which will purify your air from the viral aerosols. It will also create a better and safer working environment. Using Aircross can ensure us of cleaner breath, better consumed and efficiently used space. 

How it works?

By combining a secure partition, an air barrier, and air purification in one device, AIRCROSS TM offers a high degree of defence against viral aerosols in close proximity to humans.

The best way to Clean Air

Aircross is the best way to deal with the pandemic. With this solution we will be able to normalize our interactions once again.  AIRCROSS TM is the world’s first air purification partition with these safeguards. In January 2021, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) granted a patent to AIRCROSS TM, which is currently in the prototype and testing process. The initiative is privately funded and is partly subsidized by a federal grant program administered by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Why to choose Aircross as a lifesaver?

  • Nearby Air Purification

Exhaled air is extracted across both sides of the clear AIRCROSS TM partition, close to users, allowing maximum air purification.

  • Air shield safeguard

The AIRCROSS TM partition’s laminar air flow, will keep aerosols from floating over the Plexiglas pane. Furthermore, AIRCROSS TM creates a one-of-a-kind draft-free, air-purifying comfort zone in the immediate working and use climate.

  • Physical Safety

The translucent AIRCROSS TM partition offers physical protection from bacterial or viral droplets and microscopic aerosols.

  • Scalability& Flexibility

The AIRCROSS TM framework is highly versatile due to its modular nature. AIRCROSS TM can be used as a built-in ventilation component incorporated into a cavity base, as a hybrid on the floor, or as a handheld air purifier with a variety of applications. There are many air filtration methods available (for example, HEPA filters and UV-C radiation).

Don’t hesitate to sanitize the air around you. Its life worthening!

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