ACNE – Do and Don’t

In fact, acne needs to be treated. No matter your skin type is sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย . Acne can occur. Because acne when there are hormonal disorders, such as high testosterone in women. Acne is found along with other features, such as irregular menstruation, hirsutism, grunting, and thinning of the head, which requires additional laboratory tests. to look for abnormalities in testosterone levels ovarian cyst Patients should be supervised by a team of dermatologists, obstetricians and endocrinologists.

If acne is not associated with other abnormalities, some people may think that treatment is not necessary. because it does not affect physical health But on the other hand, inflammatory acne can cause redness, black marks, as well as pitted and raised scars if left untreated. may affect the mind As well as resulting in a lack of confidence in socializing it.

Standard treatments are inexpensive. Unnecessarily high costs often come from non-mainstream acne treatments. and sometimes misused which is common in laser or IPL Botox.


Is it necessary to press acne and inject acne? And what is it for?


Pressing a pimple is a way to open a pimple. and pressed with a pimple press device to make the pus or fat clogged inside come off If done in addition to applying acne medication will see results of treatment faster and if pressing acne together with acne injection Using a drug containing steroids injected into the inflamed acne. will reduce inflammation faster than applying the drug And often cause acne to subside within 1-2 days, reducing the chance of redness, black marks, as well as acne scars.

A potential side effect of acne injections is the atrophy of the skin where the injection was given. Often caused by inappropriate injections, such as injecting drugs in the skin that are too deep. The concentration of the drug injected is too high. However, the atrophy caused by the injection is temporary. over time The sunken skin will gradually return to its original state. which is different from collapsing after inflammatory acne


  1. Clean your face properly. Choose a gentle cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า to avoid clogging the pores. if you have makeup or apply sun protection products Should use a product to wipe the cosmetics. Cleanse together with regular washing of your face with appropriate soap.
  2. Choose skin care products, cosmetics or sun protection products that do not contain clogging substances such as silicone, petolatum oil.
  3. Choose a topical acne medication. In the group that has normal skin cell turnover, such as the vitamin group, the drug should be applied regularly even if the acne has disappeared. But people often misunderstand that Apply to treat acne. In fact, it should also be applied to prevent new acne breakouts. This is usually evident in women in the pre-menstrual period.
  4. You should see a dermatologist. to get an assessment of the skin condition as well as the severity of acne and receive appropriate treatment


  1. Putting your hand on the sheep and scratching your face because it can stimulate acne. whether clean hands or dirty hands

2.Hair bangs in people with acne on the forehead Especially if you are wearing nourishing or styling products with it. This increases the chance of acne breakouts.

  1. Make-up, apply powder and foundation as well as apply sunscreen during the time when the acne is very stubborn, the more you cover up, the more acne is clogged. If you can’t avoid should be cleaned properly
  2. Wash your face often, as well as cleaning your face with scrubs, brushes, or other window washing devices because they may cause irritation, dryness, redness, and peeling, resulting in the need to refrain from applying acne medication. The results of the treatment are not as good as they should be. In addition, scrubbing on the face is also a factor that causes acne breakouts and inflamed acne.
  3. Stress, negative thoughts, don’t know how to let go. In addition to making acne dull face Lack of freshness is also one of the factors that cause unhealthy health. can result in various diseases such as high blood pressure ischemic heart

*Note: If you eat sweet food or cow’s milk products such as chocolate, skim milk too much cake Can stimulate acne in some people


pimple on nose (Trichostasis spinulosa) is a problem that many people tend to encounter frequently. and may be found with enlarged pore as well, which is characterized by having black dots on the nose caused by sebum and scurf clogging the pores just like acne and also found a small group of hairs In the hair follicle area as well.


  1. Topical Drugs: Adeppalene, Tretinoin, Retinol (Retinol) or AHA acids help normal skin cell turnover. and reduce the clogging of oil in the pores.
  2. Laser treatment for enlarged pores: Fractional erbium laser or fractional carbondioxidelaser is a group of lasers that cause lesions and scabs on the skin. This will cause the creation and rearranging of the skin layer. (Resurfacing) results in smoother, tighter pores. If you want to improve smoothness and clear treatment results can be repeated every month
  3. Laser hair removal on the nose: because the hair in this area is small therefore often need to be treated several times Even if there is a noticeable change, the hair gradually becomes thinner and smaller.

which wipe the skin with toner or serum Cannot cause rearrangement in the dermis Therefore, it does not solve the problem of wide pores as many people understand. The skin looks smoother after wiping. Caused by swollen skin shell from the irritation of the applied substance such as alcohol base, which is only temporary.

There are many reviews about blackhead treatment online. which often, in addition to being effective It can also cause rashes and skin inflammation from irritation. Doctors want everyone to be careful. and study well before treatment


  • Use topical medication to treat pimples.


  • Scrub the face vigorously, whether with chemicals. or natural products


Doctor, have you ever put a pimple peeling sheet on it? Leave it for a while and there are pimples coming out as well. Is that a pimple?


Yes, using the pimple peeling patch will be the final treatment. Doctors recommend treating the root cause. which is to use more topical drugs This is because the use of peeling pads may cause irritant dermatitis. black marks after use and recurring as before Treatment at the root cause should have better results.

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