A Step Towards New India – 75 Roundtables Campaign by Khul Ke

As the nation celebrated its 75th year of independence in 2022, Khul Ke launched a campaign to mark the occasion. The Khul Ke app was launched with the intention of engaging an average Indian social media user in meaningful online conversations. Khul Ke managed to uphold its vision and celebrate the achievements of the nation in the past 75 years by hosting different roundtable sessions.

Naya Daur: What’s Next, India?: Khul Ke’s First Campaign

Naya Daur symbolises the current phase of India, where it is efficiently playing the diplomacy game, taking its art, music, and cinema to the global audience, and focusing on landmark technological innovations. The question “What’s Next, India?” highlights the country’s appetite for development, growth, and creativity to benefit the human race.

Apart from honouring the achievements of the nation in the past 75 years, the campaign also focuses on painting a picture of the next 25 years. Khul Ke Roundtable online hosted 75 discussion forums to talk about Indian politics, sports, art, culture, cinema, technology, business, economy, and more. The presence of well-known experts from relevant fields graced the discussion forums.

Apart from that, the Khul Ke conversation app India also launched a campaign film in the voice of Piyush Mishra, a renowned actor, singer, and lyricist. The animated film highlights the remarkable achievements of India in the past 75 years. The animated film gives hope to the countrymen as the country is about to see a new dawn.

Thoughts of Piyush Kulshreshtha on the Platform’s First Campaign

Piyush Kulshreshtha is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Loktantra Mediatech. While talking about the platform’s campaign, he highlighted the ability of users to hold free conversations on their favourite topics in audio and video formats. He believes that Khul Ke is the stepping stone in making future social media experiences all about meaningful conversations.

When Khul Ke was in the testing stage, the authorities were looking for a positive agenda around which users could hold conversations on this online discussion app in India. As the 75th Independence Day was approaching, they decided to focus on holding conversations around the nation’s past 75 years and the upcoming 25 years. The idea gave the authorities an opportunity to experiment with the quality of panellists and moderators, content variety, conversation depth, and audience interests.

The amount of time people dedicated to engaging in such conversations made the authorities realise that they were in the right direction. The campaign inspired the people behind Khul Ke to deliver a variety of content of superior quality. The outcome of the campaign was hope for Khul Ke that Indians would understand their vision and join the platform soon.

Wrapping up

The Khul Ke online discussion app hit it out of the park in its first approach by choosing a positive agenda. As the campaign evoked patriotism, the app found its place in the smartphones of multiple Indians. Khul Ke is expected to soar high in success as India transforms into a developed nation over the years.

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