A Pet Export Company in Singapore Can Guide Pet Owners About How to Prepare Their Pets for Travel

When you are moving out of Singapore with your family, it would also include your beloved pet, a cat, or a dog, which you treat as one of your family members. You would like to ensure the same kind of comfort and safety for your pet during the journey as any of your family members, although the pet would be traveling separately. You must entrust a pet export company like Shiloh Animal Express for safe transportation of your pet right from the time you hand it over to them before boarding the flight until the time your pet reunites with you at the destination country. Since the pet export companies specialize in pet transportation, they can only ensure the safest and most comfortable journey for your pets, especially if it is the first time the animals are boarding a flight. 

However, preparing your pet for the flight is very important to ensure that it does not endure any stress while traveling and stay mentally prepared to accompany the pet movers who arrange for the journey. 

Here are the preparatory steps you must take before handing over your pet to the pet transportation company.

Ensure your pet is in good health

Arrange for your pet’s health checkup by your vet a week or two ahead of the travel date to ensure that it is in good health and suitable for boarding a flight. Go for a second checkup a day or two before the flight to reconfirm that everything is in order.   Check with the airline and the pet transportation company about the health documents that you need both before travel and after arriving at the destination country. There is some stipulation of obtaining a health certificate within a specified time before the date of the journey.

Acclimatize your pet to the crate or kennel

Your pet must reside in a kennel or crate before boarding the flight and while in transit, for which you must purchase a kennel of the desired specification confirmed by the airline and the pet transportation company. Train the pet for some weeks before the travel to familiarize yourself with the kennel so that it can comfortably treat it as a place to hang out while traveling.  To allow the pet to develop a positive association with the kennel, serve food inside the kennel that helps the pet familiarize quickly with the setting.  Create a comfortable space that she treats as her own by making a bed, placing some toys she likes so that it becomes her favorite retreat.  For a safe journey, line the kennel with a dog travel bed and put puppy pads on it.

Keep the pet’s health documents handy

Since each airline has its own requirements about flying pets in the cargo and cabin, seek guidance from your pet transportation company about the documents that are necessary for travel and keep it handy. Alternatively, the pet transportation company might obtain all documents from you in advance if they do a turnkey pet transportation job. 

You can provide some chew toys that the pet can chew upon during take-off and landing to avoid the discomfort of blocked ears due to the pressurization of the aircraft.

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