A Mobile DVR System Can Monitor Your Vehicle While You Are Away

A mobile DVR system is a security tool that can monitor your vehicle while you are away. It can record footage from the back of your vehicle and can be a great addition to any vehicle. Some examples of vehicles with this technology include cars and trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. Backup cameras are also available to add to your vehicle. These can be easily installed and operate in the background without the need to install additional equipment.


The PW6-HD mobile DVR system is designed for use in your car. It integrates with the PR1MEWitness body-worn camera to provide the safest way to operate an in-car video system. The PW6-HD gives you a clear picture every time.

The mobile DVR system keeps video footage, along with GPS information, current address, average speed, and time/date. It also incorporates a built-in accident sensor to detect collisions and harsh braking. It then sends an email notice to the appropriate staff. This mobile DVR system increases awareness of accidents and improves safety.

The PW6-HD mobile DVR system has a wide range of features, including an embedded operating system and GPS positioning technology. The rugged design is perfect for in-vehicle surveillance and monitoring. Moreover, it can capture high-definition video and can be connected to a PC via Wi-Fi.

The PW6-HD mobile DVR system can record in a variety of settings and environments. It is built to withstand temperature variations between -20deg C and 70deg C. It also tolerates up to 95% humidity. Its unique design allows it to dissipate heat and prevents dust from entering.

PR1MEWitness Body-Worn Camera

Body-worn cameras have traditionally been considered an evidence-gathering or forensic tool. However, they are fast becoming a vital component of operations and communications. They can provide real-time audio/video streaming, location tracking, biometric tracking, and analytics to improve management of people and assets.

The PR1MEWitness Body-Wound Camera for Mobile DVR system has several advanced features. It features a 12-hour field-swappable battery, IP67 and MIL-STD-810H ratings, and 1080/720P video resolution. The camera integrates with i-PRO Unified Digital Evidence Management Software. It also works with Arbitrator in-car video systems and i-PRO fixed-surveillance cameras, creating a seamless, unified evidence management platform.

Motorola DigitalPatroller DP-2

Motorola announced the DigitalPatroller DP-2 mobile digital video recorder at a recent event in Las Vegas. The new device, a successor to the MVE mobile video system, connects to a video camera in a police car and records video and audio, both from the camera and from a portable microphone worn by the officer.

Built to withstand the rugged mobile environment, the DigitalPatroller DP-2 mobile data management system automatically records video into a rugged hard drive. This allows officers to retrieve video from the digital video library in a matter of minutes. DigitalPatroller also features a camera that captures high resolution images. The camera uses patent-pending digital expansion technology to produce razor-sharp images.

The DP-2 system also records audio evidence, which is just as important as video. The system’s wireless microphone synchronizes with the MDVR and requires very little interaction on the part of the officer. The display unit can be mounted either overhead or on the center console of the police car.

Another mobile DVR system from Motorola is the MVX1000, a rugged, solid-state in-car video solution designed for public safety officers. This device offers front and rear cameras, as well as a back seat camera with infrared. It also features wireless and wired microphones. The system meets MIL-STD-810G requirements, which are necessary for mission-critical work.

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