A Large Preview of Diablo Immortal. A Legend in Your Pocket or a Mobile Grinder?

Perhaps this time we will not write about the scandalous announcement of Diablo Immortal and the numerous blizzard blunders in recent years. Fortunately,  Diablo 4  has long been announced on F95Zone, and with all the apparent abundance, normal mobile games can be counted on one hand. That is why it is definitely worth paying attention to the portable version of the most famous Action / RPG in the world. Fortunately, there is something to talk about, and the closed alpha testing that is going on right now is downright bursting with the amount of content. Go!

The first thoughts that the game generates sound in the head in approximately the following sequence:

  • It’s Diabla! Damn it, it’s a little Diabla on my phone!
  • Wait a minute … But this is some kind of MMORPG with all that it implies!
  • Although no, this is clearly “Diabla”. There is a familiar monster, Deckard Cain is in place. I learn skills too!
  • So, why are there so many bosses? Why is the marker leading me along the “quest” across the entire map? Why am I not allowed into the desert at my level? No, I think it’s still an MMO.
  • Oh, there are “rifts”, tasks at the location with a chest at the end and the analysis of the trash from the blacksmith. Well, exactly “Diabla”.
  • Or not?

This internal dialogue can go on for quite some time. Until the moment you realize that this is, in fact, Diabla, an MMORPG, and a mobile grinder in one bottle. The game so cleverly combines these elements that it is simply impossible to attribute it to any one genre and to put the coveted stigma. This is something new and familiar old at the same time. If you want to move faster in your game, you can try ranked boosting services.

To begin with, visually and acoustically, this is practically a Diablo 3 clone . Familiar models, locations, graphics and a set of sounds do not give you any doubts – we have Diablo 3 in front of us . Unless the animations here are a little less smooth, and some monsters are, albeit not exact copies, but clearly some relatives or ancestors of our old friends. The effect of immersion and nostalgia is one hundred percent. In every little detail. Be it the streets of Westmarsh for Best grenade spots dust 2, covered by the sand of the Zoltun Kull library or the textured snow-capped peaks.

At the same time, for a mobile game, Immortal  looks just amazing. Therefore, apparently, it occupies a rather big 6.3 GB on the device. Our iPhone 8 Plus produced a very juicy and absolutely laggy picture even at Ultra settings. Unless he warmed himself like an open-hearth furnace and discharged the battery in an hour of play. At low settings, the charge was enough for a much longer time, and heating was no longer a cause for concern. On the phone screen, by the way, the difference in the smoothing of shadows and the amount of grass is practically invisible, so we stopped rape the device with Ultra settings after the third charge.

As for the controls and the interface, they do not cause any particular complaints. Unless we were looking for a scale for gaining experience, probably up to level 35. It turned out that the developers made it in the form of a thin thread at the very bottom of the screen. Very unintuitive. On the other hand, loot collection, combat, and sensor movement weren’t all that bad. The main thing is to learn how to hide the chat and the list of tasks on the left, since they close an impressive part of the tap.

The gameplay of the game feels a little different than the usual Diablo . Firstly, there is an overwhelming number of bosses. Here you can beat the boss in order to move from him to another boss, encountering an intermediate boss between them, and then go into the dungeon … fight the boss. Why this was done is not clear. Secondly, it is very strongly felt that the player is being led by the hand through all the story missions, paving the way in the form of footprints. You can even completely relax and let the character get to the target on autopilot. Well, you know – in mobile games this is common. However, no research and road finding is a key aspect of Diablo like difficult person test., there is not a trace here. At best, during a mission to exterminate certain types of monsters, you will be allocated a large circle on the map where these same monsters are found.

Thirdly, all characters, be they a magician or a barbarian, now have only one resource: health. Over time, quite a few different abilities open up, but we can use only four at a time. Moreover, they are restored very quickly, so everything is worth using, and as often as possible. Legendary stones and legendary items act as skill modifiers. With them, abilities can look completely different.


Globally, Diablo Immortal  looks pretty cool. Certainly cooler than most crafts, proudly called mobile games. Let’s do it this way: it’s actually Diablo ! At the same time, it is also an MMORPG, where the developers took mostly good things from the whole genre. The only problem is that this is also a mobile game where you have to buy stones for real money in order to close the Great Portals, it is boring to grind the same content to advance through the story, and constantly click on a million windows with rewards.

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