A Guide to UFC Betting

When it first started out, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was outlawed in many states. The brutal tournament was a lot different to the UFC as we know it today.

No rules. No rounds. No weight classes. Just two ultra-tough guys, sometimes purely street-fighting hardmen who loved nothing more than a scrap, stepping inside the cage and giving each other hell until one of them wilted. And fans loved it.

The company cleaned up its image with rounds, weight classes, and rules, to appeal to athletics commissions more. It worked, and as the niche sport become mainstream, the owners realized fans were only too happy to place money on a UFC contest, partly because contests often had a clear winner.

Today, warriors are still entering the cage to decide who’s the toughest and who’s style is the best, but often they specialize in more than one style. As well as making the combatants more rounded as fighters, it makes the contests more interesting for spectators and is also a factor to consider for UFC betting.

Below is a guide to help you bet on the UFC.

How to bet on the UFC

The first thing to understand are the betting odds.

Basically, the fighter that has a plus sign next to their name will be the underdog, whereas the one who has the minus sign will be the favorite.

This determines whether you have to bet more than $100 or less to win that amount. For instance, if the fighter has +150, a $50 bet on them will bring in $100 in profits, whereas if they have a -110, you’d have to bet $110 to win $100.

Understanding the different ways the fighters can win

Fighters can end a fight in different ways. These are:

  • Knockout: the fighter has received a blow that has rendered them unconscious and unable to continue
  • Technical knockout: the referee has stopped the contest because one fighter has become so dominant that the other fighter can’t defend themselves to a suitable standard, or because a fighter’s injuries are too substantial to continue the contest
  • Submission: one fighter forces their opponent to tap out and end the contest
  • Disqualification: the opponent is disqualified for breaking cage rules, such as by performing illegal strikes, or, even before entering the cage, for not making the required weight to compete in the bout.

Understanding a fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, which may include the manner in how they win most of their bouts (or lose), can be a factor in how you bet.

Types of bets

As in many types of sports betting, there are some standard bets:

  • The moneyline bet: this is simply betting on who you think will win the fight
  • The over/under bet: a bet on how many rounds you think the fight will last
  • The method of finish, a bet on how victory will be decided: knockout, TKO, submission or a disqualification, and who will force this type of finish
  • Going the distance: a bet on whether the fight will go to the final round or not.
  • A parlay bet: a bet on several different fights at the same time but which you stand to lose if one of the outcomes is unfavorable.

A few simple tips

Styles can make fights, but here are a few trends and other things experts have observed and served up as tips to consider when placing your bet:

  • Note that judges are considering damage over control more
  • Keep in mind not just takedown defense, but also the fighter’s ability to get up off the bottom
  • Listen to interviews with the fighters and evaluate their mindset and how hungry they sound for the win
  • Don’t let your personal feelings towards a fighter cloud your judgement of whether they stand a real chance of winning. A lot of people preferred Conor “The Notorious” McGregor to win in the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather because of his achievements in the cage. They were disappointed.

UFC 264

On Saturday, July 10th, UFC 264 gets under way, and there are some big fights on the Main Card.

Most notably is the Lightweight division clash and third in the trilogy between Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier and “The Notorious.” The two fighters stand one apiece just now, with Poirier defeating McGregor in the second of their encounters by TKO, the sportsbooks are pricing McGregor as slight favorite in the UFC 264 betting, but it’s almost too close to call.

Another big clash is the Welterweight division matchup between Gilbert Burns and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. After missing out on the title with a third-round loss by TKO at the hands of the champion, Kamaru Usman, division no 2 Burns will be looking to prove he’s worthy of another title shot.

Meanwhile, Thompson, ranked no 4, looked commanding against Geoff Neal in UFC Las Vegas 17. Slick footwork and sharp, accurate striking ability carried Wonderboy towards a comfortable win by unanimous decision over Neal.

To bet on UFC 264 is straightforward. It’s all a question of visiting the online sportsbook of your choice, creating your account, and making your deposit to begin betting. This is much more convenient than going to the casino, and if the betting lines don’t suit you, you can always choose another sportsbook.

The UFC is still as thrilling for fans as in its early days, albeit not quite as brutal as then, and is still delivering grueling matchups between the finest fighters on the planet. Whether your fighter rewards your bet or otherwise, you can be sure of entertaining contests.

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