A Guide To Moving Homes in Australia

Moving out of home for the first time is one of those transition stages in becoming an adult and embracing independence that most of us undertake at some time in our lives. On top of all the things to be considered, moving interstate can add extra complications – if you are leaving not just the family home but the neighbourhood you grew up in and everything comforting and familiar, the experience can seem overwhelming. 

Often people move interstate for employment or study reasons, or perhaps just the need to move out of their comfort zone and explore their country more widely. Whatever the reason, organisation is the key. Being aware of the challenges you may face in a new location will help to make the move a smooth one, whether your new location is local, within the same state, or interstate.

Planning is key when moving

Once you have a definite date for moving to your new location, some things you will need to consider are:

  • are you asking family and friends to help you with packing and organising? If so, you may need to assign people to specific tasks early in the day to avoid crowding in one room and other tasks not getting done
  • have you got lots of coffee for your workers? Some plans for snacks and lunches, and plenty of cold water, will show your friends and family you appreciate their assistance
  • what is happening at the other end? If you are moving locally, it’s easier to coordinate between your old home and the new one, but if you are moving interstate there are more things to consider – such as who will be at the other end to direct the removalists, packers, and unpackers
  • at the end of a big move you will want to be sure that you can finish for the day with some degree of order at the new place – and that means clever packing of essential items that will take you through your first night. A clearly marked box of essentials – kept near you in transit – will take care of this.

If you won’t use it – don’t move it!

An important part of planning to move is to be proactive with sorting and packing. We’ve all seen those shows where people hoard and keep what seem to be useless items, but fortunately not everyone is overwhelmed to this degree. However, sometimes it takes a major move to see how easily old, broken, and no longer useful items can accumulate.

The morning of moving day is not the time for well-meaning friends to be sorting through and questioning the box of strange bits and pieces that represents your proudest achievements at kindergarten! 

Auditing your possessions before your moving date makes a lot of sense. Getting rid of or donating items that you aren’t likely to use again, or that won’t suit your new home, means that you won’t waste time and money packing and moving items just to have them stay packed away indefinitely. 

Using moving professionals for packing and moving

With all the stress and things to consider when contemplating a major move, such as interstate,  professional packers and movers can take a lot of the burden and worry off your shoulders. Reputable moving companies can offer:

  • a range of packing solutions, such as shipping containers
  • effective packing material to provide the best protection for your items
  • the option of their professionals efficiently packing your belongings so you don’t have to
  • fully insured and qualified packers and drivers
  • information and tips on packing and moving issues.

Prepare for your big move

When the big day arrives, knowing that you are organised and prepared and have enlisted the help of an local removalists company in Melbourne, ensures that while the next phase of your life may be an uncertain adventure waiting to happen – your moving won’t be!

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