A Guide To Choosing The Right Outdoor Signage For Your Business

Having a marketing and branding strategy that works, is about as important as it gets for businesses today. From attracting and retaining customers, to having a strong presence within the industry, if you can’t get customers through your doors with effective marketing and advertising, you stand little chance of ever being successful.

One highly important aspect of any bricks and mortar businesses marketing and branding strategy (even if they also have an online store), is outdoor signage. When created by experienced Norwich Sign Makers, and placed in a strategic position, a striking outdoor sign can be the difference between customers walking through your doors, and customers walking on past, or not seeing your shop altogether.

Able to have a significant impact on your businesses brand visibility, and its ability to attract customers, the right sign can be a real game changer for a business of any size, but how do you go about choosing the right outdoor signage for your business?

Think about the purpose of the sign, and its goal

Think carefully about what you want to achieve with your outdoor signage before approaching a local sign making company. Ask yourself whether you want to enhance the visibility of your brand, give potential customers directions, or advertise certain products or services? Once you’ve clarified your objectives, you’ll find it much easier to select the right kind of signage for your needs.

Ask yourself where it will be placed

If your shop is next to a busy road with other businesses nearby, you might want to think about designing and erecting a bigger sign that will catch the eye of passing traffic or pedestrians; giving you maximum exposure. If your business is in a quieter location, on the other hand, a smaller sign that doesn’t need to scream quite so loudly at people and traffic might be more appropriate.

Carefully consider design and branding

The design of your outdoor signage should accurately reflect the style, personality and ethos of your brand and its identity, so it’s important to choose a design that aligns perfectly with this. Look closely at the colours of your brand, and the fonts you use in advertising, and create a sign that will stand out and help you be recognised by potential customers for both what you sell, and what you stand for.

Decide upon a material

All outdoor signage is exposed to a certain amount of environmental factors, and some more than others, depending on how sheltered the sign is. As such, you want to choose a material for your outdoor signage to be made from that’s durable, waterproof, and ideally, UV resistant, too. Your chosen sign maker can talk you through your options, but some of the most popular materials thanks to their longevity and strength, are acrylic, aluminium, or high-density foam.

Does your sign need to be illuminated?

For businesses operating during the hours of darkness, or which is situated in a poorly lit area, a sign with some form of lighting incorporated can help it stand out and be noticed. LED lights are an energy-efficient option, for example.

Check whether you need a permit

It may be that you need to check with your local council before any form of outdoor signage can be erected, as some restrictions or requirements may need to be adhered to.

Outdoor Signage in Norwich has many benefits for a business when done right, and along with increasing brand awareness and revenue, it can also be a highly cost-effective form of advertising. Just be sure that you’re working with an experienced sign making company before parting with your money.

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