A Easy Converter for Your PC

What you are about to learn will teach you how to convert Youtube to mp3 in simple, easy DIY steps. If you desire to carry out an effective download to your computer/smartphone is to be achieved without issues; clinical steps that you are about reading is needed.

There are several free online converters that you can use to achieve expected results. It should be remembered that YouTube does not officially permit downloading music through official music videos. The following steps must be taken to successfully execute your desires:

You have to open YouTube to get started. You will see a red box with a white triangle on it. Tap on this icon. This will successfully open the right window for you.

You are now ready to search for the video that you intended to download. Click on the search icon to get started immediately. This icon is on the top right-hand corner of your screen and you can now input the name of the video that you intended to download. 

Several videos will pop up on your screen. It is now left for you to take a look at them with the target of clicking on the video that you have in mind to download.

Now that you have clicked on the video you intended to download; it is now time for you to share it. You can now click on the share button which is below the video’s play window. A window will come up when you do this. 

At this juncture in the process of how to convert Youtube to mp3, you are ready to copy to your Android clipboard. 

There is an option that you are going to see in the pop-up window. Click on the copy link and you are going to achieve the expected results. 

After you have successfully done that; you can now close the YouTube in preparation for the second leg of the download. 

It is now the turn of google chrome. Open it and choose YouTube. You can now click on the chrome app icon. It is in the form of a sphere. Go ahead and click on our website. When you click on the address bar, you are going to see the contents that are contained therein. 

You can now click on the icon: Youtube Converter. Now click on the enter key to move ahead. 

It is now time to enter your youtube video address. You are to click on the text button located in the middle of the page. This action will bring up your android’s on-screen keyboard. Click on the text board again and click on paste when it appears as an option on the screen. The video URL of your YouTube will come up on the screen.

Go ahead now and click on the icon convert. This is a red button that is near the middle of your screen. The process of conversion of your video will commence immediately after this action.

If you are redirected to add; click on x in the tab. A new tab will open which will take you back to YouTubeto MP3 and re-enter your address. 

It is now time to complete the process of conversion to your Android device. Click on download when you are prompted. The appearance of a green button indicates a successful download of your video. 

You are now ready to play your mp3 file on your Android.

The process of carrying out an effective how to convert youtube to mp3 has been described above. However, you should be cautious of the type of converter that you are networking with in order to avoid the big issues.

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