A Detailed Comparison Between Cold Brew And Espresso

Determining what coffee we drink in the morning or afternoon is sometimes a little complicated because of the many coffee menus we like. Do you want to choose a cup of warm espresso or a refreshing cold brew? If you are confused about choosing between espresso or cold brew, let’s dig deeper into the differences between these two drinks.

For a simple explanation, Cold brew has less caffeine than espresso, while espresso has a more acidity taste. If you want to enjoy less acidic, you can choose cold brew instead of espresso. What explains the difference between these two drinks is the brewing time. If espresso only takes 2 minutes, then cold brew takes 16-24 hours.

All About Cold Brew

Cold brew is obtained by soaking coffee beans in ice water for a long time. To reduce particles from coffee grounds, You should increase the brewing time and also ensure the water and coffee ratio

All About Espresso

Espresso is a technique that use heat and pressure to coffee beans to create small shot with a strong taste. You can made Espresso with all types of coffee beans from any source. If you order espresso in Italy, then you will expect dark roasted beans because there it becomes much more interesting and diverse.

Cold Brew Summary


Cold brew has black flavors (earthy flavors) with lower acidity and a less nuanced smell. You can feel the significant difference between hot brewed coffee and cold brew.


The acidity in coffee is proportional to warmth, while cold brew not too bitter since the beans are not transferred to the heat while brewing procedure. Even if you boil cold brew, it won’t change the bitterness.

Time brewing

The cold water used in cold brew needs to be soaked for 16 to 24 hours to preserve its texture, caffeine, and taste. Result of brewing is soft because it uses a cold filtration technique to produce less acidic components.

Espresso Summary


Espresso has a rich taste with intense acidity and a well-balanced taste. The strong taste has bitterness with aromatic fragrances that rise. You can feel the earthy flavour with a little sweetness that makes espresso the best morning drink.


The color of the acidity can be seen from the shot you get. The darker roast, the less sour.

Time brewing

By using an espresso machine, you can get your favorite espresso within 2 minutes. If you don’t want to wait for your drink to arrive because you’re going to the office right away, espresso is your best choice.

Between cold brew or espresso, each has its characteristics. Choose which coffee is suitable for you, between cold brew with a lighter profile, or espresso with a bold and strong profile.

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