9 Types of Camping To Try

If you are looking for something fun and interesting to do while getting away from the usual hustle and bustle of daily life, going on a camping trip could be just what you need. Depending on your preferences, there are several different ways you can set up camp. Although tents and recreational vehicles are common, there are also options that involve hammock sleeping. Take a look at this list and consider how you want to camp.

1. Backpacker/Hiker Camping

If you love spending time outdoors and being as self-sufficient as possible while appreciating the mountains or forests, then a backer/hiker camping trip might be perfect. Typically, these trips are lightweight and involve setting up individual tents along a specific route or trail in the wilderness. Before you go, be sure to pack a high-quality pair of womens hiking socks for the trip. You never know when you are going to run into oversized puddles or otherwise difficult terrain. A solid pair of socks can mean the difference between a fun backpacking trip and misery.

2. Tent Camping

For less mobile outdoor adventures, traditional tent camping is common. With this sort of setup, your campsite remains in one location, and you plan your camping activities around that area. Some people do this for one night at a time, but others do it for two weeks or longer.

3. Hammock Camping

Another lightweight idea for a campsite is hammock camping.  With hammock camping setups, you can find some solid trees, hang up your hammock and simply have your backpack of supplies nearby if you wish. Then, when it is time to go, roll up your hammock and throw it in your bag.

4. Car Camping

Sometimes, it is nice to still have some secure conveniences nearby when you are temporarily living outside. For individuals who can relate to the sentiment, car camping can be a good choice. With thousands of campgrounds with designated parking spots across the United States, there are many options to explore nature this way.

5. RV/Van Camping

If you really want to be comfortable while sleeping in a forest or on a beach, RVs and vans can offer another camping choice. With this route, you have many possible directions to go. Some people like large RV rigs with many modern features while others prefer simply teardrop trailers. The choice is up to you. What sounds most appealing?

6. Completely-Outdoors Camping

Depending on the location and if the temperature allows another idea for sleeping beneath the stars is sleeping there without any coverage. Of course, you probably want to have a sleeping pad, pillow and bag for comfort reasons, but there can be something especially refreshing and relaxing about sleeping completely outdoors without a tent, hammock or another kind of shelter.

7. Bicycling Tour Camping

For those who enjoy riding bicycles, taking a bicycling tour camping trip can be a fun way to enjoy the best of both the camping and bicycle riding worlds. When it comes to preparation, think more along the lines of backpacker/hiker camping setups than more traditional car or tent camping. With a bicycle, you may be able to pack a bit more, but you should still keep it lightweight.

8. Winter Camping

How do you feel about sleeping outside when it is below-freezing temperatures? If you are feeling particularly adventurous and you love the snow, wintertime camping can be a unique and surprisingly cozy experience. Although snow can definitely make a camping trip cold, having a solid fire and shelter with insulation can make all the difference. Be sure to invest in a cold-temperature sleeping bag and layer up!

9. Rustic Cabin Camping

Speaking of coziness and fires, another fun way to camp is in a rustic cabin. If you go camping in Michigan or somewhere similar, there are resources available through the state’s Department of Natural Resources that can help you find overnight options that allow you to enjoy nature all year long via cabins and other lodging options on forest land.

Camping can be a lot of fun, and there are many ways to enjoy it. Use this list as inspiration while brainstorming ideas for your next trip.

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