9 Productivity Hacks to Explore on Sharepoint

If you work in an office daily, your company probably has a SharePoint profile. However, that doesn’t mean you know everything about it. After all, not everyone knows how valuable this platform can be. 

The good news is that there are many ways to explore and discover new things on SharePoint. If you’re looking for ways to be more productive with Sharepoint, check out these nine productivity tips. 

From using Sharepoint to manage your tasks to integrating it with other productivity tools, these hacks will help you get the most out of Sharepoint. So give them a try and see how they can help you work better and get more done.

9 Sharepoint Productivity Hacks

These nine tips will aid company productivity.

  1. Search Function

One of themost important Sharepoint tips for beginners is to use the search function. Sharepoint has a powerful search function that can help you find what you need quickly and easily.

Sharepoint’s search function is powerful and can help you find what you need quickly and easily. It’s a great tool for finding information on the web, and we recommend it If you know what you’re looking for.  With the use of search function, you can find it quickly.

This is especially useful when trying to locate a specific file or piece of information. Simply enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar and wait for the results to populate. In most cases, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. 

Ensure Secure File Sharing & Team Collaboration

Sharepoint is a secure file sharing and collaboration platform that helps teams work together more effectively. With Sharepoint, teams can share files and work on them collaboratively in real time. 

This makes it easy for teams to stay on track and eliminates the need for emailing back and forth or constantly sending updates. Plus, Sharepoint’s security features ensure that only authorized users can access your files.

This is especially important regarding sensitive information. With it, you can rest assured, knowing that only those with the proper clearance will be able to view it.

1. Social Media Connection

Sharepoint also has social features you can use to connect with colleagues and get work done faster. By connecting with colleagues, you can quickly find the answers to questions or get clarification on tasks. 

This connection can also help build trust and collaboration within a team. In addition, getting work done faster can be a huge benefit when deadlines loom. 

The social features allow you to create profile pages, follow other users, and join groups, which will lead to more engagement. You can use these features to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your Sharepoint environment.

2. Improve Communications 

Sharepoint is a powerful tool that can help create a central store for all company information. This makes it easy for employees to stay up to date on company news and events. They will also be able to share information and work on projects more easily. 

Additionally, it can help managers keep track of employee progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Employees should feel free to give feedback on communication practices. In the same vein, managers should also be open to making changes based on this feedback. 

By improving companywide communications, you can create a more positive and productive work environment.

3. Sharepoint Alerts and RSS feeds

Sharepoint alerts and RSS feeds can be a great productivity hack for keeping track of content that’s important to you. Setting up alerts ensures that you’re in the loop on new or updated content. 

In addition, by subscribing to RSS feeds, you can easily stay up to date on all the latest news and information from your favorite sources. Alerts allow you to keep up to date on what’s happening from sources you’re interested in. 

You can set up alerts for specific content, users, or groups. This way, you will be notified of news concerning them in your Sharepoint environment. 

4. Workflows to Automate Tasks

Sharepoint workflows can help you automate document approval or content publishing tasks. This can save you time and hassle by eliminating the need to complete these tasks manually. 

In addition, Sharepoint workflows can help improve your organization’s efficiency by ensuring that tasks are completed promptly and consistently. Automating tasks will significantly reduce the chances of error in the outcomes. 

5. Organize Data and Documents with Teams

Teams are a great way to manage your SharePoint data and documents. By creating teams, you can more effectively keep track of who is working on what.  You will also be able to ensure everyone has access to the resources they need. 

In addition, teams can help to keep your data organized and efficient by allowing you to delegate tasks and responsibilities. 

Teams provide a way to divide and conquer the work, ensuring that all areas are covered. In addition, teams help to keep everyone on track by assigning tasks and deadlines.

6. Climatize New Employees

To acclimate your new employees, it is vital to have a working corporate system. This will help them quickly find the necessary information and familiarize themselves with company procedures. 

SharePoint sites serve as a corporate intranet and focus on a lot of your company’s knowledge. This allows for easy access and eliminates the need to search through different locations.

7. Sharepoint mobile app

The Sharepoint mobile app allows you to stay productive on the go. You can access your Sharepoint content from anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to keep up with your work no matter where you are. 

The mobile app also lets you stay connected with colleagues, thereby making collaboration easier. Colleagues can work on the same project at the same time with the mobile app. 

However, it is crucial that you make your app mobile-friendly.  People are using their phones more than ever to access the internet, so it’s important that your app is optimized for mobile. 

There are a few things you can do to make your app mobile-friendly. 

  • First, make sure the design is responsive so it looks good on all screen sizes.
  • Second, keep the user interface simple and easy to use. 
  • Third, load times should be fast, even on slower internet connections. 

By following these tips, you can make sure your app is ready for use.


There are a lot of productivity hacks out there, but these nine are worth exploring if you’re using Sharepoint. These productivity hacks will help you discover new things on SharePoint and make it work for your business. 

These tips are great for creating customized sites and tracking time on the platform. They’re also helpful for staying connected to social media and doing a myriad of other things to improve company productivity.

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