8 Questions to Ask a Roofing Professional Before Hiring The

Roofing is an important aspect of your home as it protects your family and property from weather elements like rain, snow, or the sun. In addition, it helps in thermal insulation. Our team of highly-skilled and certified roofers in Columbus GA will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure your new roof exceeds your expectations.

Choosing a good roofing contractor is important because it will determine whether or not your house is protected from the elements. Unfortunately, the problem with many contractors is that they don’t always provide quality services. In addition, some charge high fees for their work.

However, roofing professionals like Unified Roofing charge fairly and provide excellent roofing services. Here are some questions to ask roofers before hiring them.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

This information gives you a clue about the roofing professional’s experience. You need to find someone with relative experience to roof your home. Ideally, they should have reasonable exposure in the roofing niche. Also, confirm whether they work alone or have a company. Then, find out how long the company has been running and how much experience the roofers have. This information helps you decide whether you want to hire a roofing professional who is a veteran or is just starting their business. If you’re looking for a roofer with decades of experience, you can check out this website.

2. What type of Materials Does the Company Use?

Some companies specialize in specific roofing materials. Therefore, it is important to ask your roofing professional this question to avoid wasting time and money if they specialize in roofing with materials you will not be using.

3. Do You Have References?

The best way to evaluate a roofer’s work is to ask them to show you their references. You can visit their website and check the reviews from former clients. If the roofing professional does not have online reviews, ask them to avail a list of references before hiring them.

4. Do You Have Insurance?

Reliable roofing professionals should have commercial liability insurance to protect you, your home, and their team if an accident happens while on the job.

5. Are You Licensed?

A roofing professional should have a license and should be willing to show it even though it is not a requirement by law in your state. You should ensure they have the right licensing for the job before hiring them.

6. How Long Does The Roofing Take?

Some roofers take longer than others to do a similar job. So, it is important to ask the roofer how long it will take to finish the job. Ideally, you should find a roofing professional who can do the job efficiently and quickly.

7. Do You Have a Workmanship Warranty?

Although your roofing materials supplier provides a warranty, you need to get the contractor’s workmanship warranty. Ask them about the kind of warranty they offer. For instance, it could be two or five years.

8. How Will you Protect My Property?

A roofing professional should do their best to protect your property. Ask them how they will protect your lawns, light fixtures, or landscaping as they do their job.


Finding the right roofing professional who can ensure quality workmanship at an affordable price is challenging. However, hiring one becomes easy once you ask them the above questions.

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