8 Great Tools For Content Marketing in 2022 (Some New Entries)

Content Marketing refers to that branch of marketing which focuses on creating, sharing, publishing and distributing the relevant content to attract the attention of the target group of audience.

Content marketing becomes the element of marketing because of the huge need for digital marketing. In fact. Content Marketing is one of the major branches of Digital Marketing also.

In the fields of publishing, art, and communication, content is information that has been created and is directed at an end-user or an audience. According to Google, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day. This is a huge number. Every individual created a huge amount of content daily.

The advent of social media has increased the significance of content marketing. However, as time progresses and content marketing continues to grow in popularity, we are confronted with the problem of a diminishing supply of original and pure content. Nowadays, because everyone and everything is sharing content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find original content. Google’s advanced technology allows for a quick scanning and searching process, which is beneficial in the fight against plagiarism.

Content creation is a very important task for a social media marketer or a digital marketer. The content curation is highly dependent upon creativity and creativity is an art. This art needs professionalism.

In this technological age, there are a variety of tools and techniques that content creators can use to create new, unique, relevant, and important content for their audiences.

These tools are extremely useful and user-friendly because they are designed to make the process of creating content simple, and they are created with the needs of marketing in mind, which makes them extremely beneficial. Check out a few of these resources.



Canva is one of the most popular and user-friendly content creating tools. This tool is best for Social Media Marketers and content creators. By Canva you can make customized posts for all your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and video editor.

You can frame presentations, Planners, Letterheads, Graphs and calendars easily.

We can also create Business cards, Flyers, posters, logos, Brochures and menus which are good for business purposes. In canva there are a number of Templates available which can help you in getting ideas for new creations. It is used by many important business and agencies, such as LenosTube.


Last but not the least, Ocoya. Ocoya is a whole package for a content marketer and for a Social media marketer. It helps in content creation, content analytics, scheduling content and framing unique designs.

It helps in writing, developing, optimizing and analyzing your content at one place. The web is plenty of reviews about this new trending tool, and you may find tutorials and a detailed Ocoya review on SocialMarketing90’s blog. Ocoya is poosibly the best alternative to Canva and Hootsuite. It is based on Travis AI Assistant, who will help you writing Social media captions and posts.

Content marketing has reached the pinnacle of its competitiveness. However, you do not need to be concerned. These tools will assist you in outpacing your competitors as well as in developing meaningful and trustworthy content. Take advantage of these resources.


Buzzsumo is one of the most effective tools for content marketing because it provides you with data-driven information about the content you create. This tool assists you in determining what type of content is popular in your industry and evaluates your own content.

This tool assists you in conducting a content competitive analysis.


Nowadays, there is a very popular tool named Grammarly. Grammarly has made the work of Content creators half by its great features of Plagiarism Checker, Grammar checker,Spelling Checker and Language. It is very headache and awkward to search every spelling mistake throughout the whole document but Grammarly has made it easy and comfortable.


This tool also assists you in simplifying complex content and in framing meaningful content, both of which are important tasks. Nowadays, social media marketers prefer to employ a variety of jargons and humorous phrases in order to capture the attention of their target audience. Hemingway assists you in simplifying the sentences and provides you with alternative sentences as well.


WordPress, the most widely used and well-known tool, is also included in the list. WordPress is bringing about a revolution in the worlds of blogging and content development. Before using WordPress, bloggers had to go through a lengthy process in order to create a suitable blog. However, WordPress makes the entire process simpler and more efficient. Content marketers benefit from having everything in one place, despite the fact that some technical knowledge is required.


Graphic design is becoming increasingly popular among content marketers these days. However, having technical graphic design skills is not required in order to create beautiful posts or images. Snapchat has overcome the limitation of not being able to design graphics because it assists in the creation of graphic designed posts for all types of social media platforms that are of high aesthetic quality. Also for this tool I suggest you to read online reviews and tutorials, such as the review about Snappa from SM90 (my favorite blog for reviews)


YouTube and Video SEO is something that every content marketer and social media marketer should be familiar with. With the help of this video keyword checker and tracker tool, seeing how our video is ranking on YouTube and track the growth, has become much easier in recent years. If you use this tool, you will receive a free daily report on how your video is performing for the given keywords and countries. You may use it for free on the LenosTube website.

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