7 Ways Rosewater for Face Was Used in Historical Times V/s Now

Rosewater is an age-old ingredient that has all the beneficial properties of the rose flower. It has been used for generations to treat various problems. Our mothers and grandmothers have always educated us about the healing properties of rosewater. Whenever there is a skin problem, they suggest using rosewater for face in the form of packs or directly to witness the results. Rosewater is used by people all across the globe.

The benefits of rose water on face are numerous. If used regularly one can attain the skin they dream of. This one ingredient is not only good for the face but also helps to treat body and hair problems rapidly. Even during historic times, the Emperors and other eminent people have used it in different ways. Since rosewater does not have any side effects it is safe to experiment with, so our ancestors have also discovered its full potential.

Ways Rosewater was Used in the Past

To know about how rosewater was used in historical times, here are few points that may help to get an idea:


People traditionally used rosewater as a flavor to better the taste of food items. It is a rich source of flavour that was used in lemonade. It was also added to laddu, gulab jamun, peda, and other items. People loved the taste of rosewater and they added it to food items to relish the flavour.

Medicinal Properties

People in historical times added rosewater to ointments. In case of a cut or burn these ointments fought the wound effectively and left no marks. This is why we use rosewater for face as it does not leave any marks and also fights the existing dark spots. Rosewater was used in ointments or medicines to treat stubborn skin problems.

Beauty Products

Rosewater was also added in moisturizers, oils, and toners because of the smell and benefits on the skin. The Emperors and Kings used them regularly to retain the glow and smell fresh all the time. The various benefits of rosewater have made it popular for generations.


Rosewater was also used in perfumes during ancient times. It helped one to smell good for long hours even during humid days. Rosewater was also used in the form of room fresheners so that the rooms smell good all the time. No other smell matches rosewater, therefore, it was added everywhere.

Symbol of Luck

Rosewater was considered a symbol of luck and therefore, the Emperors would sprinkle it on their guests. It instantly made the occasions better and people believed its lucky properties helped to spread positive vibes during events.

Mood Therapy

The smell of rosewater helped to lift one’s mood. It was always used in rooms to make the person feel better after a tiring day.

Rosewater is one of the widely used ingredients in ancient times beauty products and history has just repeated itself!

Ways Rosewater is Being Used Today

Not much difference has taken place since the historical times as the traditional use has been passed on and people kept following it. Here are a few ways rosewater is used today:

Room Fresheners

Rosewater has been added to room fresheners to make the air feel fresh. Earlier also people used it as room fresheners.

Face Packs

The benefits of rosewater for face are not unknown. People can add it into any face pack and treat all kinds of skin issues.

Essential Oils

Since people believe rosewater for face is the best ingredient, it is also added in essential oils. These essential oils are used in the whole body so the skin appears glowing and healthy for long hours. People do not need to spend extra money and time to look after their skin.

Body Washes

Rosewater is also added in a few body washes for the smell and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to fight dark spots or uneven skin tone on the body effectively. The body washes that have a good amount of rosewater are preferred by people as it does not cause irritation or dryness.


Even today, rosewater is used in the form of perfumes to feel fresh. Especially during humid weather, when one sweats a lot and feels tired, rosewater perfumes help to lift the mood. Apart from using rosewater for face, these are the benefits of this ingredient that can be used by anybody.


Instead of using toners that are rich in chemicals and parabens, people use the ones that have rosewater. This helps to not only moisturize the skin but also fight skin issues rapidly.


Rosewater for face can be used in the form of serums as well. It can also be added to hair serums so that the scalp smells fresh all the time. This ingredient also helps in hair growth.

Finally, if rosewater for face is used in the right quantity, it will help to attain glowing and spotless skin in no time. This magical ingredient is an all-rounder that is used in a variety of other products.

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