7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Multiple Monitors

Have your friends and colleagues been trying to convince you to get a multi-monitor system? Perhaps you’re not sure if it’s worth it or if you really need it? Without knowing the details, it can seem an unnecessary luxury. Don’t forget though that technology has advanced so much that multiple monitors are perfectly affordable. Why not check out more details yourself with this 6 monitor setup? 

Benefits of Investing in a 6 Monitor Setup 

A multi-monitor setup brings you many advantages although, of course, you’ll first have to plan ahead to decide on your requirements and budget. For instance, you’ll need to make sure that your own computer has the right specifications to support a 6 monitor setup. 

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 16GB of Ram and a powerful graphics card of at least 4 or 6GB for your 6 monitor setup. You’ll also have to check your input ports so you can get the right cables that can reach your power supply unit.  

Those points are all easy to address and afterwards, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits from your multi-monitor setup: 

1- Get More Work Done

A 6 monitor setup gives you extra space for you to lay your work out more clearly. You can also develop a process flow that moves from screen to screen. Dual monitor setups can also allow you to do this but with more screens comes more space and freedom to move things around. In fact, studies show that productivity can increase anywhere from 20% to 40%. 

2- Enjoy Awesome Games

With your 6 monitor setup, you’ll start playing games at a much better level because you can see all the details properly. That’s another reason to make sure you have a good graphics card. 

Most motherboards come with integrated graphics cards although many people choose to upgrade to a discrete graphics card. That way they get more power but also more ports rather than just relying on their computer’s two video ports. 

3- Improve your Communication Experience

When was the last time you could see someone’s face and eyes properly when talking to them at a video conference? This will now be a whole new experience on your 6 monitor setup. You can dedicate a screen to your video calls and still look at documents and other data on the side. 

Furthermore, you can lay out your communication apps across several screens. Most of us access multiple messenger apps and video tools constantly throughout the day. Now, your 6 monitor setup can make you that much more organized. 

4- Easier Video Editing 

The extra space your 6 monitor setup gives you makes working with videos much simpler. You can actually spread out the editing platform you’re using. That way, you can zoom in on the details of what you’re trying to cut or trim. Another advantage is that you can lay out multiple video bin files simultaneously making it easier to see what’s going on. All this is because of your powerful video card that makes the images clear and accurate.

5- Better Online Shopping 

We all love shopping from the comfort of our own homes. With more than two monitors, you can look at multiple sites and do a proper product side-by-side comparison. Thanks to your 6 monitor setup, you no longer have to keep tabbing back and forth and then forgetting what you were first looking at. 

6- Greater Comfort 

Most of us spend hours in front of our screens. So, it’s important to be both comfortable and safe when working with multiple monitor setups. This means getting your ergonomics right so you’re not straining yourself or your eyes. 

A 6 monitor setup is ergonomically safe because you use adjustable mounts to make sure the monitor screens are set just right for you. Moreover, you can get blue filter screens to protect your eyes. Last but not least, make sure you get the right chair that supports your back and is adjustable to the right height. 

7- Amazing Equipment 

Let’s not forget the pure joy of getting an awesome tech for our homes. There’s something about new digital equipment that makes us feel efficient and smart because we can actually use it. It’s the same with a 6 monitor setup. You’ll feel professional and on top of the world because you have the right tools at your disposal. The rest can only follow naturally to make you successful. 

Final Thoughts on Investing in a 6 Monitor Setup 

It’s hard to ignore productivity gains of 20% to 40% when investing in a 6 monitor setup. Although, of course, you need to make it work for you with the right process flow across your screens. That’s not the only benefit though because you’ll also get to play amazing games, watch films on a big screen and improve your video editing skills. Finally, sometimes we all need to enjoy up-to-date technology especially if we’re going to become even more efficient. 


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