7 Common Health Problems A Naturopathic Doctor Can Treat

You can learn more about the signals your body may be trying to send you when you see a naturopathic doctor in Calgary or elsewhere. They will then develop a customized treatment plan for you to promote internal healing. Let’s start with the fundamentals of the naturopathic doctor before delving deeper.

What Is A Naturopathic Doctor? 

Numerous common health issues can be treated in naturopathic clinics in Calgary and elsewhere, an efficient kind of therapy. It seeks to correct any physical imbalances in each person as a whole. A healthcare professional with expertise in naturopathic medicine is known as a naturopathic doctor. They must finish their undergraduate studies at an authorised university before enrolling in a four-year graduate programme in naturopathic medicine.

Here are seven typical health issues that a naturopathic physician can treat.

1. Digestion Problems

Gastrointestinal issues can manifest in various ways, including cramping, bloating, IBS, and gas. They include some of the most frequent medical conditions that Saira encounters. Naturopaths in Calgary and other areas accomplish this by conducting focused inquiries to identify the root issues. Do you consume enough fibre? Is your diet high in processed carbohydrates? Have you lately taken antibiotics or recently travelled?

Questions like these aid them in understanding your particular circumstance. They will then give you dietary and nutritional guidelines for a few weeks. When you return for a follow-up session, they will evaluate how well these changes alleviated your symptoms. If not, they carry out further extensive testing.

2. Fatigue

Chronic tiredness is a different ailment that a naturopathic doctor may handle. Unexpectedly, nutrition can also be important in this. You might not consume enough protein or healthy fats if you don’t maintain a balanced diet. The same holds for antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins. Your immunity and energy levels depend on these. Consuming much-processed food can also be a factor. Your blood sugar can increase from many of them. The continual peaks and valleys of blood sugar can significantly affect energy levels.

3. Insomnia

Next is sleeplessness, which many of our patients struggle with. Poor sleep is challenging since it can affect other aspects of your life.

A naturopathic clinic would always inquire about the patient’s stage of insomnia and when it started. An elderly menopausal lady would receive treatment differently than a young woman who was under a lot of stress.

4. Acne

Both children and adults struggle with our fourth health issue, acne. It can be caused by a wide range of factors, which frequently makes navigating the course of treatment very challenging. In contrast to conventional care, naturopathic doctors in Calgary and elsewhere target the underlying cause, which focuses on correcting external flaws.

Acne can be brought on by hormones, microorganisms, drugs, and heredity. Or from high levels of estrogen, insulin resistance, high levels of androgen, enlarged liver, dietary sensitivities, or intestinal imbalance.

Once more, testing can help reduce this list and figure out what’s going on below the surface.

5. Anti-ageing

A naturopathic doctor can cure various skin-related health issues, including acne. The early signs of ageing are another issue that many people begin to notice.

Anyone who sees lines, wrinkles, or a poor complexion doesn’t like it. The foundation of acupuncture is Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is carried out by penetrating the skin’s surface with tiny needles. They are primarily painless and have many positive effects on your skin’s health.

It can promote lymphatic drainage, promote cleansing, and enhance circulation. The onset of ageing issues can be reduced as a result. Your skin will be younger-looking and healthier afterwards.

6. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a prevalent medical condition that a naturopathic physician can manage (PCOS). This is a pervasive problem with women’s health. It’s crucial to identify the root cause of PCOS. Everyone experiences it differently. You must first and foremost be sure that your diagnosis is correct. It may be tempting to consult Dr. Google if you think you have PCOS. But receiving a diagnosis for this illness might be difficult. The best method for getting a correct diagnosis is to see a doctor.

7. Anxiety/Depression

Never underestimate the value of mental wellness. Numerous useful lifestyle tools are suggested to patients by Naturopathic Doctors. Some examples are a few examples of deep guided breathing exercises, yoga, being outside frequently, regular massages, stress-reduction strategies, light therapy boxes, and mind-dumping.


Naturopathic doctors can help you stay optimal in your life with the help of some proven remdies and treatments. Naturopathy is offered in wellness clinics in Calgary and elsewhere as a holistic approach and is much more than just an accurate diagnosis.

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