7 Awesome Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Recent statistics show that about 10% of Australians have in-ground pools. They’re a practical add-on for summer months when the average temperature can reach 35°C (95°F). Besides the swimming pool itself, you also might want to install pool enclosures over the pool, even if the structure was installed years ago. This option can provide a wide range of benefits for your pool and household, including the following.  Enjoy a picture-perfect Pool Service St Petersburg FL with our professional service, offering meticulous care for water clarity and equipment longevity. 


This feature is ideal for climate control purposes. For example, if you live in cold regions like the Australian Alps, you’ll likely want to create a warmer environment during the winter months. A retractable enclosure provides this benefit so you can make the air and water temperature more comfortable for residential or commercial swimmers.

Meanwhile, on warm and sunny days, you can open up the enclosure so swimmers can enjoy the pleasant temperatures and fresh air. You can click here for more info about professional help.

The main benefit of a retractable enclosure is you’ll have the option to open or close it. This provides more flexibility based on the current weather and season compared to an enclosure-free swimming pool.

If you own a commercial pool, pool enclosure can help boost your income. Guests will have the ability to swim year-round, even when there’s inclement weather. If your pool lacks a cover, then you’ll likely have to close the pool if it’s extremely hot or cold, or it’s raining or snowing.

Year-Round Swimming

In particular, retractable enclosures are ideal for providing this feature. For example, you can close the enclosure when it’s extremely hot or cold outdoors and open it during milder weather.

This feature is critical because it boosts the pool’s functionality. Swimming pools are a major investment and can have price tags up to AUD100,000. Thus, it’s practical to use climate control to boost the number of days you can go swimming without visiting a public pool.

More Revenue

One of the main benefits of swimming pool covers is it’s a practical alternative to sunrooms and house extensions. If you’re looking for a place to relax at home without spending lots of money on building additions, then it’s a good option.

A pool is a major investment, so it’s critical to maximise your revenue if you own a commercial pool. Every day your pool is closed, you lose revenue. It will also take longer for the big investment to pay for itself.

Affordable Alternatives

One of the main benefits of swimming pool covers is it’s a practical alternative to sunrooms and house extensions. If you’re looking for a place to relax at home without spending lots of money on building additions, then it’s a good option.


This is another possible benefit from the products. For example, some companies offer various options for enclosure doors and windows. This provides more flexibility through lift-up, vertical sliding, or hinged doors, for example.

Home Value

Another benefit is you can boost your home’s value by installing an enclosure. Today about 13% of Australians have home swimming pools, so owning one can already make your home more marketable. Meanwhile, add-ons like enclosures can add more value.

It’s important to view the enclosure as an investment rather than an expense. This is in terms of the value your household and guests can enjoy, along with your home’s increased market value.


If your household or business maintains a sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to select sustainable products like swimming pool covers. Some companies offer this feature to help produce a smaller carbon footprint.

Swimming pool upgrades include pool enclosures, which offer a practical option. This offers benefits like year-round swimming, cost-effectiveness, and customisation. Selecting the right enclosure installer can make sure every aspect of the process is covered.

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