6 Reasons to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is not a simple task to carry out. LinkedIn is the fast-growing media network and the most powerful social media platform, especially for B2B marketing. LinkedIn effectively builds the solidly professional network, which each business is seeking as well as becomes an important part of digital marketing. 

The LinkedIn ads offer everything that the social media marketers want to ensure that they find their targeted audiences with ad spend. LinkedIn ads campaigns have got the potential of driving quality traffic on your website, get new leads and sales. Though it is not cheap and marketer has to commit to an effort. Let us look at the top 7 reasons why you must use LinkedIn for B2B marketing:

1. Wide Range of LinkedIn Ads 

LinkedIn offers a complete list of ad formats that include images, text, and video too. You will find many different formats like email ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads, display ads, and much more. Before launching the ad campaign, you must review different formats for finding out one that can meet your unique goals. 

LinkedIn’s dynamic ads will engage your prospects with the ads, which are personalized automatically to them. With such an ad format, you may tailor your ads for building brand awareness, converting prospects, and driving more traffic. 

2. Leadership & Reputation

Some amazing LinkedIn features allow you to position yourself as the leader in a particular niche. From offering quality content, improving personal profile as well as participating in the LinkedIn communities and answering questions: this network is a fertile ground for the thought & practice leaders, who want to become the trusted advisors. LinkedIn’s main purpose is networking, it allows you to engage and identify other influencers.

3. Optimize Page Performance

The brand needs a complete profile for underscoring its presence. The compelling profile can help your users and connections get a little more insight into who you are & what you do. Thus, you must optimize the page or profile. There’re many ways to do profile optimization. It includes key employee details, photos, logos or headers, and relevant content, which makes your business look professional.

You must consider using SEO to make content optimized since Google can preview over 156 characters of the text in the search result. Thus, it is good to put some relevant keywords in the page’s description & whole page text. This makes search engines understand quickly what you are about & improves the rank.

4. Helps in Traffic Building

Another reason for using LinkedIn ads is its power of link building & traffic driving. As other social media networks do, even LinkedIn has the social sharing button, which allows you to share the content in status updates & in LinkedIn Groups where you are a member. It works well for business-related content & will lead to viral effects. Many times business content gets shared quite often through LinkedIn than Facebook.

5. Use Your Data Effectively

Do you know who you would like to reach? You just have to upload the list of emails & LinkedIn will help to match your emails with the user profiles. Suppose your list matches 300 and more profiles, the result is the Matched Audience that you may use in any campaign over LinkedIn.

One unique way of leveraging LinkedIn’s strong targeting tools is account targeting. It is very useful for account-based marketing, an uploaded list of the company names can allow you to market to specific companies very easily. LinkedIn can find matches amongst 30 million LinkedIn pages. 

6. Share Media Content

The next reason for using LinkedIn ads is it allows you to share various content on your profile & company page. So, you can share videos, images, pdfs, text, and docs posts. But, documents and videos are the best types of content for the B2B lead generation. It may be because documents and videos (worksheets, pdf, and docs) enable you to showcase the company expertise in the most interactive way that builds the brand credibility as well as helps you to win trust for your prospective clients.

Final Words

If you have not used the LinkedIn ads network yet, then it is the right time that you take the benefit of this highly valuable B2B marketing solution. LinkedIn helps to improve your brand awareness, increase leads, and foster connections.

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