5 Warning Signs You Need Orthotics

Your feet are a crucial foundation of the body. Unfortunately, when they are imbalanced, they exert additional pressure on the joints causing the feet to turn outward or inward. Over time, joint misalignment and long-lasting wear can lead to chronic joint pain, plantar fasciitis, and recurrent strains and sprains. Patients experiencing these complications have benefited from Mission Viejo orthotics, so do not be left behind. Unfortunately, a significant population still underestimates the effectiveness of orthotics in fixing muscle and joint pain and bad posture. The following are five warning signs you should consider orthotics.

1. Pregnancy

In most cases, the unborn baby shits your center of gravity and posture during pregnancy. As a result, your pelvic joints become unstable leading to mobility challenges ranging from discomfort to serious pain. Besides, gaining weight when pregnant causes joint pain and poor circulation because the extra pressure is utilized on your feet. You should consult your doctor for orthotics as they support and cushion the feet, improving blood circulation and reducing back pain.

2. Flat Feet or High Arch

Due to your anatomy, the feet can receive insufficient support, particularly if you have flat feet. You can use custom orthotics to give your feet additional support improving mobility and reducing strains. Additionally, orthotics reduce rolling and remove pressure on the arch because high arches can cause foot pain, toe complications, and ankle instability. 

3. Diabetes

Diabetes can damage your nerves, making your feet feel nothing in the event of a cut, sores, blisters, or wounds. Besides, diabetes hinders the body’s ability to heal by damaging blood circulation. As a result, even little cuts and wounds are prone to infection and can develop into ulcers. With orthotics, pressure is equally redistributed on the feet, reducing the chances of complications.

4. Lower Limb Injuries

Having lower limb injuries can impact your ability to walk properly. As a result, these injuries can lead to deformity and instability in the joints and tissues. Moreover, injuries can lead to dislocations and gait problems. Therefore, if you have injuries, contact your doctor for orthotics to avoid overuse of the lower limb as they manage unique movements of your limbs and prevent swelling and pain.

5. Old or Worn Shoes

If you have footwear, it might be an indicator of another sign that requires orthotics. Several individuals underestimate the effects of wearing worn-out soles on old shoes. Insoles and soles that have thinned provide insufficient support for your feet, which can cause your foot to roll inward and outward. If you still want to continue using the shoes, orthotics will give them more support and avoid chances of rolling inward or outward. The orthotics also relieve pain, and swelling, improve posture, and straighten your stride by offering essential arch support.

Swelling, inability to stand and chronic joint pain can be overwhelming and frustrating. If you want to get orthotics to prevent excess pressure on your feet, visit Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates in Mission Viejo, California. The center comprises a team of podiatrists offering cutting-edge custom orthotics to all men, women, and kids. Contact the Mission Viejo office or book online to schedule an appointment today.

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