5 Things You Need to Know About Building Automation Solutions

Every commercial building requires a system that is cost-effective, efficient, and easy to maintain. Technology has made it very easy for property managers and building operation managers to manage any building. With the help of building automation solutions, it is straightforward to run the operations of any commercial building. Building automation solutions provide the most effective solution for commercial buildings. Through this article, we will tell you five things you need to know about Building Automation solutions. 

What are Building Automation solutions? 

Before going into detail, let me tell you what exactly is meant by Building automation solutions. With the help of this system, every component of the building (Lighting, elevators with Platinum Elevators, fire safety, heating, ventilation, AC, and security system) is controlled via PC devices. In addition to that, it might consist of a computerized network of detectors and sensors connected to a centralized control unit for the building, which provides data about the building.

History and development of building automation

Technology has an influence on every aspect and every activity. Every building needs automation, but commercial buildings need automation the most, as they are highly sensitive, receive a large number of people, and are a source of attraction. Let’s have a look at a brief history of Building automation. 

As Building automation evolved, it isn’t a new term at all. The earliest account of building automation can be linked with the invention of the thermostat in 1883 by Warren Johnson. Since then, we have seen steady-state growth in building automation solutions. After that, many inventions took place, which paved the way for reliable building automation. Building automation has become an excellent choice for managing different commercial buildings: schools, hotels, exhibition and convention complexes, city complexes, transportation hubs, offices, shopping malls, and other corporate buildings. 

Why are building automation solutions needed? 

Building automation solutions monitor and control various components in any building, such as ventilation, AC, and heating. The working principle of building automation solutions is simple, i.e., every component (sensors, alarms, cameras, lights, etc.) is connected to a centralized building management program that can be accessed using PC devices. Building automation solutions are installed in any building that can be installed during construction or through the retrofitting process.  

Benefits of building automation solutions

Building automation solutions are designed to meet the particular requirements of building owners. They offer multiple benefits. Next, I will tell you the top 4 benefits of building automation solutions.  

Staff efficiency

Managing a large commercial building is not less than a headache for the managers. Building automation solutions offer the most efficient way of managing the operations in a building, which increases the productivity of staff and workers.   

Comfort and convenience 

Commercial buildings receive a large number of people, whose comfort and convenience should be given primary importance. With the help of building automation solutions, the ideal building’s ambiance can be achieved, i.e., the perfect lighting, temperature, and air quality. The atmosphere can be adjusted to match the specific season. 

Energy and cost-efficiency 

The other benefit of building automation solutions is its energy and cost-efficiency. Building automation solutions can significantly reduce operations and maintenance costs. As per a study, it is found that commercial buildings consume around 40% of all energy consumption and 70% of electricity worldwide. Another study concluded that around 15% of energy costs are saved. If building automation solutions are implemented, energy usage in a commercial building can be drastically reduced. 

Superior security 

The other reason you need building automation solutions is security, as commercial buildings are usually prone to attacks and security breaches. Smart Building automation comes with a security alarm system, CCTV system, and other sensors, which take the building’s security to the next level. 

Who is the best building automation solutions provider? 

If you are searching for an automation solution provider, let me tell you why you should consider HDL automation as your number one choice. Their cutting-edge automation technology is a suitable option for every commercial building. Some of the benefits that you can expect from their building automation solutions include: 

  • Energy saving
  • Efficiency 
  • Comfort 
  • Safety and security 

Without any delay, contact them and get your building equipped with the latest and innovative building automation solutions and revolutionized operations. 

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