Many employers turn to having inspiring office interior spaces as their company brand. Some renovate their interior office spaces to create creative and good working spaces for their employees and themselves. With the brand logo and artwork, a plant or two here and there often decorates reception and common areas.

What about your office or desk area? What kind of décor would you like in your space that will help you feel relaxed in a busy environment? These five reasons will inspire you to decorate your office with flowers.

1.Promotes Relaxation and Creativity

Have you ever stood in a beautiful garden with plants and flowers? When you took the time to sit and gaze at a garden’s surroundings, you must have felt yourself relaxing. For this reason, some people like working in outdoor spaces to inspire their creative juices. In a busy office, time is not always on your side to enjoy an outdoor space.

Adding flowers to your office space is like bringing outdoor life into your area. Regardless of whether you know it, your surroundings, and especially greenery and flowers, subconsciously affect your emotions and the way you think. The scent and sight of flowers automatically affect your thoughts and creative ideas, making you more productive.

2. Natural Air Recyclers

Have you heard that during the daytime, plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen? Indoor plants thus become great natural air purifiers for the office by cleansing and filtering off many polluting elements and toxins from the air. Plants such as Anthuriums act as great air cleaners, beautify the office and cost little.

2. Sound Absorbers

The open office concept plan is a common feature in many offices. The sound of keyboard clicks, telephone conversations, running machinery, and people chatter sometimes distracts us from our work. You can reduce office background noise by using flowers and plants. 

Why? Sound in a room echoes off hard surfaces like walls and floors. 

Placing potted plants and flowers strategically around the perimeter of an office space helps deaden the echo of sound. Wood absorbs sound and reduces the noise level in a room. The wooden branches, porous and soft leaves of flowers, break the sound waves and absorb noise. 

Do you want a less noisy office space? Orchids are a great choice for decorating your reception or lounge.

Wellness Providers

The constant hustle and bustle in an office often causes anxiety, blood pressure in some, headaches, and fatigue as symptoms of stress. Researchers find that when people interact with indoor plants and flowers, their psychological and physiological stress reduces

An office decorated with flowers and plants promotes peace and relaxation, which contributes to reducing stress. Doctors say that patients who have flowers in their rooms recover faster than those who keep facing the dull hospital room walls. Why? Because looking at plants during their recovery time positively influences a patient’s emotions and reduces pain and fatigue. 

Beautify Office Space

What better way to welcome clients and visitors to your office? Flowers brighten a room and positively influence the emotions of everyone. No wonder many offices have plants and flowers in lounge and reception areas to help create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Final Thoughts

Flowers not only beautify your office space but act as health checkers, natural air humidifiers and promote creativity and productivity in the office. Do not these reasons inspire and encourage you to decorate your office with flowers? 

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