5 Healthy Strategies That You Should Embrace to Prevent the Cardiovascular Conditions

Your heart is the central organ in the circulatory system. This organ pumps blood to different body parts, giving you life, thus requiring proper maintenance. However, different cardiovascular conditions, such as coronary artery disease ( CAD), can interfere with the heart’s normal functioning to threaten your survival. Therefore, you should reach out to the cardiology Land O Lakes specialists for immediate medical intervention if you encounter symptoms of cardiovascular conditions such as chest pain. Let us go through the following 5 strategies you can embrace to prevent cardiovascular conditions.

Stay Active

Regular exercises are crucial in boosting the wellness of the muscles in the body. Like other muscles,  the heart muscles gain strength through exercise, thus facilitating blood pumping to the entire body. Additionally, exercise helps to reduce the excess cholesterol that would otherwise cause the narrowing of the blood vessels. Therefore, you should aim for at least thirty minutes of activities such as jogging daily.

Get a Quality Sleep

Poor sleeping can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Essentially, lack of quality sleep undermines the production of hormones, which accelerate the heartbeats, increasing the blood pressure, which triggers chest pain. You should have a regular sleeping pattern and sleep for seven to eight hours each night. If you cannot get enough sleep despite sleeping for those hours, you should visit your health provider to check whether you have sleep apnea.

Regular Screening

Diabetes is one of the risk factors for heart complications. These conditions usually cause damage to the nerve systems that control the functioning of the heart. In addition, the high sugar in the bloodstream can impair the walls of the blood vessels. However, your health provider can detect diabetic conditions early enough through regular testing. After the early detection of diabetes, the provider will recommend the treatment and management plan for this condition, thus reducing vulnerability to cardiovascular conditions.

Eat the Healthy Diet

Your food choice says a lot about the circulatory system’s wellness. Unhealthy diets such as processed foods can cause the build-up of cholesterol which triggers peripheral artery diseases (PAD). With PAD, your legs do not get enough supply of oxygenated blood rich in nutrients, increasing the susceptibility to leg pain and swelling. Therefore, you should replace processed meals with a healthy diet such as whole grains and vegetables.

Kick the Smoking Habit

Many smokers do not realize the harm they are causing to their circulatory system when they smoke. Notably, cigarette smoking causes the narrowing of arteries due to plaque accumulation in these vessels. Following the hardening of the arteries, you are prone to increased blood pressure that can damage these vessels. Therefore, quitting this habit is the best way to evade those complications if you are a smoker. You should seek rehabilitation services if you encounter difficulties stopping this habit alone.

Everyone can get cardiovascular conditions. However, embracing the above tips can help reduce heart disease risk. If you encounter complications in the circulatory system despite all your efforts, you should not worry since the conditions are treatable. With his vast experience in vascular intervention, Nader Chadda, MD, FACC, FSCAI of Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates, provides customized treatment options to patients with cardiovascular conditions. Schedule an online appointment and visit their facility to receive quality services.

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