5 Features That Makes Tubular Batteries Stand Out

Inverters are becoming more and more important with the passing days. With significant disruption in electric supply throughout the country, most places face power cuts regularly. Some places have widespread power cuts, and with no source of any backup power, it can be not very pleasant to live there. Other places face occasional power cuts but for longer durations. With extreme heat and temperature constraints, more and more people are looking to buy inverter batteries for getting power backup during power cuts.

However, the batteries of the inverters are divided into few categories. They are usually the gel-based battery, tubular battery, and flat plate battery. While all these battery categories come with their own sets of advantages, the tubular battery type usually stands out with the best features.

What Makes Tubular Batteries Stand Out?

1. The shape and size

The tubular battery type is named based on its structure. These batteries have a tall and tubular shape, and the positive plates are primarily shaped this way. This helps in accommodating extra electrolytes for better power generation.

When it comes to construction, a tubular battery is built robustly. As a result, under usual circumstances, these batteries can last for 5 to 8 years easily. This long durability is one of the most significant advantages of tubular batteries.

2. Capacity and Design

Another standout feature of tubular batteries is their capacity to take loads. Thus, these batteries are designed to withstand heavy-duty loads for long durations. At the same time, these batteries also support cyclic duty application. Hence, places with frequent power cuts can also benefit from using tubular batteries.

3. Maintenance

Also, a tubular battery is deficient in maintenance. This means that the users need not spend much time or resources on these batteries. The only maintenance required by these tubular batteries is the water topping.

When the water level gets depleted, it should be replenished by distilled water only. Due to the tubular design, these batteries need less frequent top-ups than other battery types, such as flat plate batteries. With more capacity to retain water, these tubular batteries can hold water for longer durations.

4. The Reliability

The reliability of the tubular batteries is also far higher than the flat plate batteries. Due to their capacity to contain 20 percent more electrolytes, a tubular battery can provide a much more stable performance than other batteries.

5. The Warranty

The tubular batteries also come with an extended warranty. The warranty period is generally the highest in tubular batteries due to their long lifespan. Even if the batteries somehow became dysfunctional during the warranty period, they will get promptly replaced or repaired, depending upon the condition.

The tubular battery composition is exceptionally pure, and the lead alloy used in the construction creates a natural corrosion resistance. In addition, since the design is extremely tough and robust, these batteries can efficiently operate in high-temperature locations.

These batteries are also encased in a plastic-type tower container. This enables easy handling and helps to operate the battery quickly. With significantly fewer emissions of gas, these batteries are friendly to nature as well.

Thus, we can see that a tubular battery comes with many extra features and advantages over other battery types. The most significant advantage of using tubular batteries is their extremely long lifespan and durable nature. These batteries are less prone to corrosion and can remain functional even in tougher environments. Also, with the tubular design, extra electrolytes can be accommodated inside the battery, regulating the acid circulation properly.

As a result, the power produced by this battery type is slightly higher than the other types of batteries. These batteries also have a good tolerance for overcharge, require significantly less maintenance, and can hold charge capacity at a high rate. With so many advantages, it makes sense that people looking to buy the best inverter batteries will choose tubular batteries rather than the other battery types.

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