5 Essential Accessories for Your Wardrobe

There is a huge range of accessories, of which jewellery is only a small part. But although the choice seems endless, jewellery is and remains the most commonly seen accessory. That might be because of the great variety of it, or because it’s often easy to combine. But jewellery is not all there is. In this article, we will tell you about other accessories that can quickly turn a regular outfit into a real eye-catcher.

You might already own some of them, but don’t really perceive them as accessories – let’s change that. Keep reading to find out what accessories every fashion geek should definitely have in their wardrobe.

1. Belts

Belts are not only practical, but they can also make you look really cool. Whether you’re wearing a skirt, trousers, blouse, or dress – you can always spice up your outfit with a matching belt.

Belts come in a wide variety of designs. Both small, fine-linked belts and wide belts can be real eye-catchers, if they’re combined with the right outfit. Especially in winter, they can be worn with a thick jumper or coat to accentuate your figure. But belts can also be used in summer to set specific highlights.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just popular sun protectors – they also serve as an accessory to complete your outfit. They also come in an incredible variety of styles. Whether you like them round, square, large, or small – sunglasses can add an individual touch to your outfit. And the best thing is – there is something for every face shape! Especially in summer, they are an absolute must-have. Combined with a nice everyday outfit or a bikini on the beach – a pair of sunglasses should not be missing on a sunny day!

3. Bags

Next, we would like to dedicate a moment of gratitude to the broad variety of bags, handbags, and backpacks. Especially for women, handbags are often an absolute necessity for every outfit. Not only can they be used to stow away all the necessary items for the day, but they also add an individual touch to every outfit.

We cannot stress this enough – the choice is almost endless here, as well. Handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, beach bags – the list goes on and on. They are suitable for formal occasions, a meal in a fancy restaurant, a shopping trip to the city centre or a trip to the beach.

Different bags are recommended for each event. While they can be a little more glamorous and trendier in the former two cases, they should primarily be practical in the latter occasions. Especially when it comes a beach day, you need a practical bag that can fit all the necessary items. My Beach Bag is presenting their latest collection, which is worth taking a look at.

4. Hats

Just like sunglasses, hats can also protect you from the sun. But there’s more to them – in winter, they also protect you from snow and cold temperatures. However, these are no longer the only reasons to wear a hat. Why? Because they can also serve as an accessory.

In the world of hats, fashion is constantly changing. The fashion industry never stops coming up with new variations or brings back old trends – the possibilities to complement your outfit seem almost endless.

Also, hats can be very practical regarding your hairstyle. With a hat, you can both complement a perfect hairstyle and conceal it on a bad hair day

5. Scarfs

Let’s move on from hats to another accessory that will serve you well in winter – scarves and shawls. Thick keep you warm in winter, while thinner shawls are meant to accentuate your outfit. Especially in recent years, nearly blanket-sized scarves have become popular in the cold season, especially among women. And again – the options to wear them are incredibly diverse.

Thinner scarves are also very popular in the transitional period from winter to spring or autumn to winter. They keep you warm and still look good at the same time. Since scarves are less easy to combine than belts or sunglasses, it is highly recommended to have several variations in your wardrobe. This way you can accentuate your outfit with different colours and patterns to make it more exciting.

Conclusion: why you should add these five accessories to your wardrobe

Now that we told you everything you need to know about the five accessories, you know what to add to your wardrobe. Why? On the one hand, because they look great, give your clothing style an individual look and set unique accents. On the other hand, because each of these accessories additionally serves a practical function that will certainly come in handy in your everyday life. So, if you don’t have them in your wardrobe yet, you should plan a shopping trip at Haute Flair as soon as possible!

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