5 Benefits of Ultratooth Implants

Your smile is the greatest asset you possess. Sadly things like wrinkles, fine lines, and missing teeth can degrade your smile. Missing teeth not only affect your smile but also affect your teeth’s functionality, your mouth’s appearance, and how you communicate. Fortunately, West Hollywood Ultratooth implants can replace your missing teeth in a single visit.

Here are the benefits of ultratooth implants;

1. Quick dental implant procedure

The dentist inserts the dental implant (tooth root) into your jawbone during conventional dental implant surgery. Then, you must wait a few months for your jawbone to recover around the implant before receiving your permanent crown.

There is no waiting time while using Ultratooth. The dentist places the implant in your permanent root and crown into your jawbone in a single office visit. This applies whether you are replacing one tooth or multiple teeth.

Ultratooth is the only FDA-approved device that enables you to replace damaged or missing teeth in a single office visit.

2. Immediate use of dental implant

The Ultratooth dental implant is totally functional straight immediately. There is no need to adjust your diet for healing. You can eat what you typically eat shortly after your surgery.

But how is this possible? With both regular implants and Ultratooth implants, the tooth root is placed into the jawbone. However, with Ultratooth implants, the root stretches out to generate four points of contact inside the jawbone after the root is put into the jawbone.

So, even while the jawbone heals around the new tooth root, the implant is available for immediate use since the root is firmly in place. There is no need to wait for the jawbone to develop around the implant before exerting pressure on it, as standard implants require.

3. Restores your natural smile

After your dentist places your Ultratooth implant, they will attach a customized crown to it. This crown looks like your natural teeth, restoring your usual appearance and smile.

To restore your natural smile, your dentist will place an individual ultratooth root and crown where each tooth was lost.

4. Easy care and maintenance

Ultratooth is low maintenance and easy to maintain. As with natural teeth, you should brush and floss your Ultratooth. Also, go for a professional cleaning and checkup twice per year.

In addition, you should avoid biting on ice, your nails, or other complex objects with your new tooth since doing so might chip the crown.

5. Maintains jawbone health

When you eat, the roots of your teeth stimulate the jaws. This is crucial because it encourages your jaws to keep replacing worn-out jawbone tissue with fresh bone.

However, if you lose a tooth, your body may cease producing new tissue due to the absence of stimulation. As a result, your jaw may lose bone density in that region, causing wrinkles, sunken cheeks, and early facial aging.

However, ultratooth stops this from occurring. An Ultratooth implant functions exactly like the root of a natural tooth. The prosthetic device stimulates your jawbone as you bite and chew, assisting in maintaining its natural strength and functionality.

Ultratooth implants are the perfect solution for your missing teeth. Call Sargon Dental to book your appointment and learn more about the benefits of ultratooth implants.

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