5 Apps to Bring Out the Artist in You

Do you have a Picasso, van Gogh, Salvador Dali or Frida Kahlo inside your artistic brain? Has the artist deep within you been itching to come out, only to get pressured into retreating back into the caves of the deepest recesses of your mind because of undue pressure from societal expectations and unnecessary expectations of family and peers? Wait no more, we implore you!

Every artist (or person with an artistic streak) deserves to be encouraged to let their creativity out into the open. However, with radiation methods of pursuing art falling by the wayside of digital trends and online courses, you may feel like the best time to explore a side gig or hobby or even a full-time career as an artist has passed you by. Boy oh boy, could you be more wrong!

Now is the time of the non fungible token (NFT) taking hold of the public imagination. This was brought into the mainstream news when, just recently, an NFT by the artist known as ‘Beeple’ sold for 69 million dollars. Yes, you read that right because we wrote that unbelievable figure after making sure that we had our facts correct – Christie’s auctioned the art piece in March ‘21.

What is an NFT, you may ask – and with good reason, because crypto tech and art do not seem to be very aligned at first glance. However, an NFT is a unique way to identify a piece of art as original, unreplicated, and belonging to the owner and nobody else. This uses blockchain tech to identify, save, and authenticate the creation as well as ownership of the digital pieces of art.

You can always learn more about NFT and block chain and the underlying crypto fundamentals, but the way to creating your first NFT is through apps that let you paint or create your heart out. Let us take a look at some of them: whether they come from big studios of app developers in Australia or are the brainchildren of some independent app developer sitting alone in a room.

Adobe suite:

This famous software company is the industry leader when it comes to illustrations, artwork and visual design. The Adobe software suite consists of photoshop, illustrator, and a whole host of other desktop software that you can use to create, edit and transform new pieces of art to sell.

Zen brush:

This app is one of those which prove that a good, well-thought app development process can result in an excellent user interface & great functionality. Great to vent & unleash full creativity!


Pixel art used to be so huge in the gaming world when graphics had not taken on the ridiculous standards that have come about due to computer generated imagery (CGI). Games like Contra and Mario used to rule the roost despite basic art (by today’s hyper-real standards). Still, this app gives you the tools to create your own pixel art, unbounded by expectations or any limits!


If you are more into the old school styles, this app for painting / creating digital art might be the one for you. It also has Apple Pencil support, so you get a highly realistic “feel” while you paint!

These and other painting and drawing apps are just the tip of the iceberg. Look for more options in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your preferred creation device!

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