4 Things to Know About Slip & Fall Claims in Jersey City

Any accident is unfortunate, but when you are hurt on someone’s property in Jersey City because they failed to keep hazards at bay, you may also feel frustrated. Recovering a settlement from the property owner isn’t the easiest task, mainly because they are unlikely to accept the blame. In this post, we are discussing some essential details that matter for such claims, including the need for a slip and fall attorney in Jersey City.

  • There is a two-year time cap: States have a statute of limitations that determines the time limit for filing an injury lawsuit. If you have a lawsuit against a property owner in New Jersey, you must take action within two years. The deadline doesn’t extend to insurance claims. Because you may lose valuable time while pursuing the insurance company for compensation, it is best to have enough time for a civil lawsuit.
  • The comparative fault rule: In New Jersey, you can only sue a property owner after a slip & fall accident if you are not majorly at fault. If your fault percentage is 50% or lower, you can still ask for compensation, but the final settlement will be adjusted according to your fault share. The insurance company will usually try to blame you, and the complexities of calculations can be hard to understand.
  • Hiring a lawyer is not expensive: If you are worried about the financial situation and don’t have immediate money to hire an attorney, fret not, as most law firms in Jersey City will work on contingency. Your attorney doesn’t get the usual hourly rate or a retainer fee but a share of your settlement amount. If you get a higher settlement, your lawyer also makes more money. However, you don’t need to bother about upfront costs.
  • Not all attorneys are the same: Following a slip & fall accident, you may wonder how to find the right lawyer. Always check the overall expertise and profile of an attorney and whether they have handled premise liability claims. Ensure you don’t miss the essential details related to their ratings and reviews. Find someone who is available and is willing to answer your questions.

If you are looking for local lawyers in the city, you can check online listings for a few potential names. Do not shy away from asking about their approach and the strategies they will consider for your claim. The first consultation doesn’t have to cost anything. 

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