4 Key Features To Look For In Freelance Time Tracking Software

The purpose of time tracking software is to record work carried out by an employee or another individual working for a company. Time entries are recorded automatically as well as the amount of time dedicated to a particular project, how long the team member was away, and the amount of work completed weekly and monthly. Time tracker with screenshots, it is easier to generate reports and review an employee’s productivity. As with all software, you want to ensure you’re getting the best features for your money.

The question is, which features are most important in time tracking software? The answer depends on the company framework and what is most important to business. For business purposes, some important features you may be interested in having in your software include time tracking, payroll management, automatic data reports, and project management.

Each feature has a process that provides its function. A time tracking feature is tasked with recording the time an employee takes to complete a series of tasks per day. You may be able to view information on graphs and other displays. Read on to learn more about freelance time tracking software and the four key features to look for.

1. Freelance Time Tracking Flexibility

Look for freelance time tracking software with flexibility built into the design. For example, some trackers allow you to start and stop as you wish so that you can log your time as it meets your schedule. This way you won’t worry about inaccurate timekeeping. For those looking to track their productivity, this is a valuable feature to gauge work time for each work period.

2. Invoice Time Transparency

Maintain client trust by using freelance time tracking software that includes time tracking down to the very minute. The exact time attributed to the project is documented, so invoices are self-explanatory. With transparency, you don’t have to be concerned with follow-up questions regarding the accuracy of the invoices. Everything is documented.

3. Time Management

Seek freelance time tracking software that visually displays the specifics you want to have recorded. Now, you can view reports that track information such as the time by project, time by client, time by day or month, and so much more.

4. Collaborative Time Tracking

When you are working on projects with your team, the time of everyone involved counts. Find freelance time tracking software with the means to track your own time with the time of your team. In doing so, you can see the productivity and process of all team members based on their times, allowing you to better gauge feedback you’ll need to give your client on how long a project will take to complete.

When Every Minute Counts, Set Yourself Up For Success

When you start shopping for freelance time tracking software, you want to look for features that allow for flexibility, customization, and the option to track times based on different factors. When it comes to freelancing, every minute counts. Set yourself up for success with the right software.

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